Leaders of LionClan

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Leaders of LionClan

Post  Rowanstar on 2/1/2018, 1:15 pm

Rowanstar: Sleek black cat with hidden spots throughout his pelt. Has a lot of energy and a great sense of humor, a little larger than your average cat. when meeting a new cat, he stays very quiet until he can figure out more of their personality. Parents are Tangleheart and Spottedscar. Mate to Flowerfur. Lives Left: 9. (Tom)


Medicine Cat(s):
Hollytail: Dark brown tabby she-cat. I am really adventurous and love adventure, but I am a good fighter. Parents are Redwhisker and Mudleaf, Littermate to Sorrelpaw and Kestrelpaw. (She-Cat)
Sedgepaw: Gray tabby she-cat. Sedgepaw is very caring and loving, and is one of those that wouldn't harm a fly. She is often found to be stressed, though. She becomes stressed mostly because she has a big heart, and worries very much. Sometimes if she becomes too worried, she turns into a frantic mess. She also tends to let things 'slide', whenever an apprentice or kit gets caught by her doing something they shouldn't be, or such. Overall she is really soft, and just loves her life as it is and doesn't take it for granted once so ever. Parents are Talonstorm and Suntail, Littermate to Blossompaw, Shadepaw, Nightpaw, Toadpaw, and Snowpaw. Mentor is Hollytail. (She-Cat)


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