Warriors of BreezeClan

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Warriors of BreezeClan

Post  Violetstar on 12/25/2017, 10:03 pm

Senior Warriors:
Scarhorse: Dark brown tom. He is kind and curious. He looks everywhere he can for a good laugh. He has an unusual lack of cautiousness. Mate to Cloudfawn. (Tom)
Lilaclightning: Black and white tom. Lilaclightning is a very kind and caring tom that loves to play and hunt with his clan. Though he has a mellow temper and isn't easy to upset, he can get short and cross when worried or scared. Lilaclightning is a peaceful cat, and is keen to avoid battles. He will carefully assess the situation to see whether a fight is necessary or not, but if his leader orders him to fight, he will without hesitation. Lilaclightning is a loyal and devoted Clan member and follows his leader and lets the warrior code rule his heart. He knows when to follow the code and when to break it, but will always hesitate a moment before breaking the code. Mate to Sunsetriver. (Tom)
Mousewing: Gray tabby tom. Mousewing is an easy-going cat and would protect his clan with his life. Mate to Oakwing. (Tom)
Mudsun: Pale ginger she-cat. Mudsun is a fairly laid back cat. Mate to Breezestar. (She-Cat)
Silentmoon: Gray and white she-cat. Silentmoon is not afraid to fight or to break the warrior code if it will help another cat.  She can be rather rebellious, but she is extremely loyal to her friends. She's also unafraid of accepting that she does make mistakes, and understands the consequences of her actions. Mate to Galebracken. (She-Cat)
Dawnpool: Red tom. One of Dawnpool's weaknesses is verbal fights. Although he could insult someone within his mind, he could not bring himself to say such things aloud. Another one of his weaknesses is that he basically allows those around her to walk all over him. Parents are Breezestar and Mudsun, Littermate to Weedpaw, Muddypetal, Violetstar, Honeylight, and Amethystcloud. Mate to Shadowswoop. (Tom)
Fireplum: Dark ginger tabby tom. To start off I'm a perfectionist. This is key to basically most of my personality. I have to have everything perfect. Nothing out of place. Everything has to be just right or I get upset about it. Parents are Galebracken and Silentmoon, Littermate to Shadowswoop. Mate to Honeylight. (Tom)
Cloudfawn: Dusty brown she-cat. Cloudfawn is very ambitious and determined. She isn't afraid to say what's on her mind, but she will sugarcoat it sometimes so not to offend or anger others. She has a short attention span, and likes to take the lead a lot. She is very loyal, but will sometimes not listen and do what she thinks is right. When she is tired, she stumbles over her paws a lot and will say random things. Cloudfawn gets cranky easily when she's tired and will snap for no reason. Mate to Scarhorse. (She-Cat)
Fishfur: Dusty brown tom. Always optimistic, Fishfur tries to find the best in even the worst of situations. He's bubbly and fun, sometimes to the point of being hyper. It can be hard for him to focus on one thing at a time, and even harder to get him to focus on the same thing for an extended period of time. Those who have tried to keep him still have eventually given up, because even when he's sitting or lying down he'll be twitching his tail, or his legs, or his ears, or his nose. He always has to be moving. He likes to make jokes to help ease the tension in a bad situation, but is careful not to be rude with his jokes. He's a nice and friendly cat, but not the best listener. It's best not to come to Fishfur with a problem, unless you're willing to listen to jokes. Parents are Scarhorse and Cloudfawn, Littermate to Flicktail, Swiftspider, Blueheart, Doveleaf, and Burningsong. Mate to Amethystcloud. (Tom)
Swiftspider: Black tom. Swiftspider is an outspoken, hot-tempered cat, full of spirit and sass. He is unafraid to speak his rebellious mind, and doesn’t mind the consequences. Parents are Scarhorse and Cloudfawn, Littermate to Flicktail, Fishfur, Blueheart, Doveleaf, and Burningsong. Mate to Dreamheart. (Tom)
Burningsong: Ginger tabby tom. Burningsong can't stand the feeling of swamp mud under his paws. Parents are Scarhorse and Cloudfawn, Littermate to Flicktail, Fishfur, Swiftspider, Blueheart, and Doveleaf. (Tom)
Sunsetriver: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Sunsetriver is very kind to almost all cats, but can be very hostile towards loners and kittypets. Mate to Lilaclightning. (She-Cat)
Spiderfeather: Black tom with brown underbelly. Spiderfeather is kind of an airhead. He's very kind, and bubbly, sometimes irritating, but he's insanely unintelligent, and has no fighting skill whatsoever. Parents are Lilaclightning and Sunsetriver, Littermate to Tawnyeye. Mate to Flicktail. (Tom)
Bluemoon: White she-cat. Bluemoon is usually a shy, quiet she-cat, but if you earn her trust, you'll never meet a more friendly she-cat. She judges nobody and tolerates everyone, and even makes attempts to friend her enemies, although sometimes she doesn't have much luck. Bluemoon is very wise, and sometimes has others coming to her and asking for her opinion of what they should do in their multiple situations. The most frequent question she is asked is usually by a tom, with more than one she-cat who likes him, asking who he should pick, but she always says, "Follow your heart." Mate to Shadeleap. (She-Cat)

Ashfeather: Wiry brown she-cat. Ashfeather is a happy but somewhat shy she-cat. Mate to Violetstar. (She-Cat)
Heatherfircone: Light brown tabby she-cat. Heatherfircone is a very energetic she-cat who loves the outdoors. The she-cat has a very lovable and cute personality. She is quite a energetic ball of never ending energy and is never negative no matter how bad things come to be. However, Heatherfircone can be extremely daring as death-striking stunts have always appealed to her. Parents are Shadeleap and Bluemoon, Littermate to Darklion and Dreamheart. (She-Cat)
Blindfall: Wiry brown she-cat. Often serious in most situations, but is never afraid to crack a dry joke here and there. Though she isn't appreciated for his humor, she is, however, respected for her loyalty and strengths. Under all her stoic expressions she is a very sweet she-cat who will do anything to help those who are in need of it. Parents are Violetstar and Ashfeather, Littermate to Littlesand, Jayspalsh, Blurrypaw, Aspenpaw, and Moosepaw. (She-Cat)
Littlesand: White tom. Littlesand is a very loyal tom and an absolutely phenomenal friend and family member. He wouldn't purposely betray someone ever, no matter the circumstances. He believes that the cats who care about you the most are the most important cats in the world and shouldn't ever deserve that kind of treatment. Alongside that, the tom is a rather big pushover, only truly standing up for himself when a cat of importance in his life is the one under scrutiny, not himself. Parents are Violetstar and Ashfeather, Littermate to Blindfall, Jaysplash, Blurryclaw, Aspenpool, and Moosenose. (Tom)
Jaysplash: Dark brown tabby tom. Jaysplash isn't very altruistic; in fact, he is very rarely selfless, and would refuse to help others if he thinks that they do not deserve it; the word "sympathy" is almost foreign to Jaysplash. Almost always, Jaysplash feels that he is completely oblivious to what others are feeling; adjectives like "insensitive" and "ambivalent" would be used to describe him. Parents are Violetstar and Ashfeather, Littermate to Blindfall, Littlesand, Blurryclaw, Aspenpool, and Moosenose. (Tom)
Blurryclaw: Ginger tabby she-cat. Blurryclaw is completely uninterested in violence, yet the term "peace" doesn't strike a fancy with her either; in fact, in this aspect, she has zero interest of anything involved with/in it. Parents are Violetstar and Ashfeather, Littermate to Blindfall, Littlesand, Jaysplash, Aspenpool, and Moosenose. (She-Cat)
Aspenpool: Golden she-cat. Aspenpool values rules, guidelines, and intellectual/influential leaders; she respects those who enforce (logical) rules and enjoys following them, as well as completing orders and jobs she's been given. Unless an opportunity is to be given where she needs to disobey in order to protect her kin, she would do what she thinks is right. However, apart from that, Aspenpool is in no way a rebel, a rule-breaker, or a troublemaker. Parents are Violetstar and Ashfeather, Littermate to Blindfall, Littlesand, Jaysplash, Blurryclaw, and Moosenose. (She-Cat)
Moosenose: White and silver she-cat. One of Moosenose's most dominant character traits is her need and want for cleanliness; she makes sure to keep her pelt in its best condition, as well as the area around her in only the best way possible. "Clean freak" might be a bit much, however "perfectionist" fits perfectly. Parents are Violetstar and Ashfeather, Littermate to Blindfall, Littlesand, Jaysplash, Blurryclaw, and Aspenpool. (She-Cat)
Stormfoot: Gray tom. Kind and loving. (Tom)
Oakwing: Pale gray she-cat. Oakwing is described as being gentle, loyal, but fierce to cats who threaten her Clan and cats she loves. She is practical, and has her head screwed on right. She's not the type to go off dreaming of powers and prophecies, although she is definitely a believer in her ancestors. She is also a firm believer in the warrior code. Mate to Mousewing. (She-Cat)
Lavenderpeak: Cream and white tabby tom. Lavenderpeak is the real 'pick you up' kind of cat. If you are feeling down you can count on this tom to swoop on by and talk you right back up onto your high horse. Parents are Mousewing and Oakwing, Littermate to Boneflower and Elkpaw. (Tom)
Boneflower: Dark gray tabby she-cat. Boneflower prefers to do everything on her own, if you try to help her, well, you might expect her to take a swipe at you. She could be fatally injured and yet still complain if you carried her to camp to get her wounds treated. Parents are Mousewing and Oakwing, Littermate to Lavenderpeak and Elkpaw. (She-Cat)
Cloudtail: White tom. Everyone loves him. (Tom)
Honeylight: Golden tabby she-cat. While she admires courage and bravery, she dislikes cats who have a mere bravado. She absolutely despises arrogance, despite the fact that she knows quite a few cats who choose to display it. In addition to these things, she also dislikes sunny or hot days; or any day that doesn't have at least a few clouds in the sky. Parents are Breezestar and Mudsun, Littermate to Weedpaw, Muddypetal, Violetstar, Dawnpool, and Amethystcloud. Mate to Fireplum. (She-Cat)
Brackenfur: Golden brown tabby tom. He's so rude sometimes and it's not even a contained hatred. (Tom)
Amethystcloud: Black she-cat. Amethystcloud is rather down to earth and humble, but super intelligent. When cats are trying to be sly she sees through it like glass, though unless what they are being sly about concerns her she won't mention it. Sure, she has ambition, but she won't take extreme effort to get there. Parents are Breezestar and Mudsun, Littermate to Weedpaw, Muddypetal, Violetstar, Honeylight, and Dawnpool. Mate to Fishfur. (She-Cat)
Volenose: Golden tabby she-cat. Volenose appreciates a partner with bite. Parents are Fireplum and Honeylight, Littermate to Beetlefur, Petaltail, Stormwhisker, and Oakblaze. (She-Cat)
Beetlefur: Golden tabby she-cat. Has a talent for pissing other cats off. Parents are Fireplum and Honeylight, Littermate to Volenose, Petaltail, Stormwhisker, and Oakblaze. (She-Cat)
Petaltail: Golden tabby she-cat. Low self-esteem. Parents are Fireplum and Honeylight, Littermate to Volenose, Beetlefur, Stormwhisker, and Oakblaze. (She-Cat)
Stormwhisker: Golden tabby she-cat. Lowkey the jealous type. Parents are Fireplum and Honeylight, Littermate to Volenose, Beetlefur, Petaltail, and Oakblaze. (She-Cat)
Oakblaze: Golden tabby she-cat. She's a really intense cat. Parents are Fireplum and Honeylight, Littermate to Volenose, Beetlefur, Petaltail, and Stormwhisker. (She-Cat)
Adderfire: Mottled brown tabby tom. Adderfire was initially a non-sociable cat with a very quiet and solitary personality, not wanting to be around the other clanmates and telling some to stay away from him, but as time goes on, he becomes accustomed to their presence and doesn't seem to mind having them around, and soon befriends clanmates. Parents are Fishfur and Amethystcloud, Littermate to Sparrowpaw and Fuzzypaw. (Tom)
Shadowswoop: Dark gray tabby she-cat. If you want to know the truth, and once you read this you can't tell anybody, or I'll rip the smirk that you probably have on your face clean off, I'm actually truly scared. I'm scared of losing, and I'm scared of not being liked, though I suppose I make it rather hard to be liked. Because of this, I often get a controlling nature, and become forceful as if I'm trying to force everyone into liking me. I'm uptight, and honestly, I am a fretful, stressing mess. Parents are Galebracken and Silentmoon, Littermate to Fireplum. Mate to Dawnpool. (She-Cat)


StarPride: Kestrelstar
BreezeClan: Violetstar


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Re: Warriors of BreezeClan

Post  Lichenfur on 2/12/2019, 7:25 pm

Name: Lichenfur

Rank: Warrior

Gender: She-Cat

Picture: (Optional)

Appearance: Gray mottled she-cat.

Personality: Protective, loyal, hard-working, intelligent, humble.


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