Apprentices of BreezeClan

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Apprentices of BreezeClan

Post  Violetstar on 12/25/2017, 10:01 pm

Oakpaw: Golden tabby she-cat. She's a really intense cat. Parents are Fireplum and Honeylight, Littermate to Volenose, Beetlefur, Petaltail, and Stormwhisker. Mentor is Swiftspider. (She-Cat)
Adderpaw: Mottled brown tabby tom. Adderpaw was initially a non-sociable cat with a very quiet and solitary personality, not wanting to be around the other clanmates and telling some to stay away from him, but as time goes on, he becomes accustomed to their presence and doesn't seem to mind having them around, and soon befriends clanmates. Parents are Fishfur and Amethystcloud, Littermate to Sparrowpaw and Fuzzypaw. Mentor is Doveleaf. (Tom)
Sparrowpaw: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Quiet, independent, and loyal. Parents are Fishfur and Amethystcloud, Littermate to Adderpaw and Fuzzypaw. Mentor is Boneflower. (She-Cat)
Fuzzypaw: Black tom. Fuzzypaw is a stubborn tom who can be somewhat helpful. He believes that cats should do whatever they think is right but be prepared that others will disagree with them. Most of the time he won't talk about himself and come off as boring, Fuzzypaw would rather listen to others and their problems. The black tom can lose his temper when you push him around, he will usually walk away from you if he doesn't then watch out. Fuzzypaw likes to spend time with his friends but is too prideful to ask them to stay. Parents are Fishfur and Amethystcloud, Littermate to Adderpaw and Sparrowpaw. Mentor is Scarhorse. (Tom)


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