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Warriors of WindClan AuQfPPz

Senior Warriors:
Halfwillow: Mottled brown and ginger tom. He is a lonely and quiet tom. His temper isn't bad at all. When sad he tends to be even more lonely. Halfwillow's personality sometimes changes. Like when he is all sad, he may become all happy and excited all of a sudden. When angry he can become hostile towards others. (Tom)
Paleheart: Dark brown tabby tom. Paleheart is independent and loves knowing that he can take care of himself and those he cares about. Sometimes he distances himself from cats because he doesn't want to get hurt, but a few persistence cats have made their way through the wall around his heart and become cherished friends to him. Paleheart has a strong since of social justice and does not take things laying down. He will not tolerate anything he perceives as an injustice and isn't afraid to speak his mind. To unknowing cats, he comes off as abrasive and maybe even a little snobbish, but get to know him and he is as gentle as a kitten. Many cats stay away from Paleheart and have a generally unpleasant opinion of him, or not one at all. (Tom)
Ebonystream: Cream and gray tom. Ebonystream is calm and quiet, usually agreeing with his peers to avoid trouble or fights. (Tom)
Silentcloud: Pale gray she-cat with darker flecks. Silentcloud is a kind she-cat, and never starts a fight. She is playful and graceful, always ready for anything. She is brave, and a little ambitious, but to serve her Clan. (She-Cat)
Lilywhisker: Black she-cat. Lilywhisker is the kind of cat that is never serious. She is playful and sarcastic, and teases every cat. She is hyper and runs around, never slowing to a walk. Lilywhisker is clumsy, however, and never stays on her paws very long. (She-Cat)
Coppershadow: Ginger tom. There's a lot of corners to the many edged tom, most of which are sharp and will probably leave you wounded and confused. (Tom)
Hawkwhisker: Pale gray tom. First and foremost, Hawkwhisker is a free spirit who doesn't like to be contained. If he is, he makes his unhappiness known by lashing out. Although a peaceful cat at heart, he will use his claws if need be. Second, Hawkwhisker is a heartbreaker. He's sweet and flirty, but would never commit himself to anyone. Parent is Silentcloud, Littermate to Fawnshade. (Tom)

Fawnshade: Pale gray she-cat. She likes flowers, kind cats, hunting, snow, and her friends. Parent is Silentcloud, Littermate to Hawkwhisker. (She-Cat)
Doefur: Light brown tom. He can't fight that good because he chooses not to, he believes he can use his words to talk cats out of fighting, and sometimes he can't. Since he loves having friends he trusts everyone and that becomes a problem. He doesn't like it when cats are mean to her so when that happens he shuts himself out. Parent is Clearfrost, Littermate to Meadowpaw, Flailstorm, and Gooseleg. (Tom)
Flailstorm: Black she-cat. For Flailstorm, it is extremely important that ideas and facts are expressed correctly and succinctly. She is most likely to express herself more in what she believes to be the absolute truth, rather than have only vague notions of something that probably has something wrong. Sometimes, her well thought-out understanding of an idea is not easily understandable by others, but Flailstorm is not naturally liked by others so most don't attempt to understand her. She is also prone to abandoning a project that holds no interest to her anymore. Parent is Clearfrost, Littermate to Doefur, Meadowpaw, and Gooseleg. (She-Cat)
Gooseleg: Speckled gray she-cat. Gooseleg is kind and loving. She always is happy, no matter if everything goes wrong. Parent is Clearfrost, Littermate to Doefur, Meadowpaw, and Flailstorm. (She-Cat)
Jayfur: Mottled brown she-cat. Jayfur suffers from deep misplaced guilt that makes her a bit self-absorbed at times. Mate to Windstar. (She-Cat)
Whitebird: Pure white she-cat. This she-cat loves to talk, any conversation is a good conversation. Whitebird babbles on about life and everything else and she loves to reveal juicy gossip and secrets. Mate to Sharpclaw. (She-Cat)
Mossynose: Brown and white tom. Mossynose is a tom who believes in royal breeding, and only those of said breeding would ever be able to be his mate. While he holds high standards to his friends and acquaintances, he holds himself up to even higher standards. Parents are Windstar and Jayfur, Littermate to Brightfern, Mistyshine, Sunpelt, and Venomflower. (Tom)
Brightfern: Silver she-cat. Can be quite moody, indecisive and loves to be the center of attention. She often do things spontaneously,and usually follows though unless it annoys other cats.To her ideas are often more important than real things. Even in harsh situations she still keeps her mind on the task at hand. After all if she can't pull though how does she expect the other's to fair? Parents are Windstar and Jayfur, Littermate to Mossynose, Mistyshine, Sunpelt, and Venomflower. (She-Cat)
Mistyshine: Gray and white tom. Mistyshine is one of those mysterious and dark characters. Parents are Windstar and Jayfur, Littermate to Mossynose, Brightfern, Sunpelt, and Venomflower. (Tom)
Sunpelt: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Sunpelt is the type of she-cat who loves to take adventures. She is big on exploring and having fun, and sometimes doesn't know where to draw the boundaries at this. Thus, fun sometimes gets her into a lot of trouble. Sunpelt is a feisty and courageous she-cat, with a brave heart, and deep inside she really is a sweet and caring she-cat. She can sometimes be a little overconfident, and when she fails, she hates to admit it. But most importantly, perhaps, this she-cat is a complete flirt and she can be extremely seductive to get toms to do what she wants. never has she been interested in real, committing romance. Parents are Windstar and Jayfur, Littermate to Mossynose, Brightfern, Mistyshine, and Venonflower. (She-Cat)
Venomflower: White tom. Funny, kind, awesome. He's a amazing friend. Any cat would be lucky to be his mate. He's super fun and sweet. He's a hunter and fighter. You wouldn't want to meet him in battle, unless you're really good. Parents are Windstar and Jayfur, Littermate to Mossynose, Brightfern, Mistyshine, and Sunpelt. (Tom)
Ravenfall: Tortoiseshell she-cat. I cannot swim at all, but I am a very good judge of character. Parents are Sharpclaw and Whitebird, Littermate to Skyface, Aspenflower, Midnightshade, and Lilylight. (She-Cat)
Skyface: White she-cat. Skyface is very kind, polite and hardworking. She is determined and ambitious, with a passion for learning and teaching others. She is loyal to her loved ones and clan. Parents are Sharpclaw and Whitebird, Littermate to Ravenfall, Aspenflower, Midnightshade, and Lilylight. (She-Cat)
Aspenflower: Light golden tom. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. Parents are Sharpclaw and Whitebird, Littermate to Ravenfall, Skyface, Midnightshade, and Lilylight. (Tom)
Midnightshade: Black she-cat. Midnightshade is a 'head-in-the-clouds' kind of she-cat. She has been known to stare off into the distance, mind filled with thoughts that whirl around in a maelstrom. Parents are Sharpclaw and Whitebird, Littermate to Ravenfall, Skyface, Aspenflower, and Lilylight. (She-Cat)
Lilylight: Lilac she-cat. She is a philosophical being. Although armed with an open mind, she comes with a closed mouth, and so her opinions are often left to be pondered by her and her alone. Wise, wise enough that she knows the consequences of putting her thoughts out there, and so instead keeps them to herself, offering only support to those who ask for her input. She flies under the radar, often classified as a slacker due to her refusal to volunteer. No, she does not have a superiority complex, she just has a lot of issues with putting herself out there. Parents are Sharpclaw and Whitebird, Littermate to Ravenfall, Skyface, Aspenflower, and Midnightshade. (She-Cat)
Oceanpelt: Tortoiseshell she-cat. She is a very quiet and calm she-cat. Oceanpelt doesn't get mad often, or even excited. The she-cat likes to be alone most of the time. When angered, all she will do is keep it inside of her. When saddened, she will do the same. Mate to Dreamfrost. (She-Cat)
Hailstep: Gray tom. Brave, humorous, loyal, active. (Tom)
Oakkheart: Small brown tom. "Intelligent," nimble-footed, cautious. Parents are Dreamfrost and Oceanpelt, Littermate to Rainscar and Barkfur. (Tom)
Barkfur: Short-tailed brown tom. Barkfur is...everywhere. On one hand, he'd fight alongside you until his final breath, and he tries to get to know all of his Clanmates. Parents are Dreamfrost and Oceanpelt, Littermate to Rainscar and Oakheart. (Tom)
Tawnyfur: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Level headed, kind, determined, unsure of herself, doesn't think very highly of herself, responsible. (She-Cat)
Whitenose: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Whitenose has a friendly personality, and has made herself popular within her Clan.  She is always ready to play with the younger cats in the Clan, and always seems to be looking for a mate, even though she's just being friendly.  She may seem childish at times, but is always ready to protect her Clan.  She's very funny, but knows when to be serious. She knows when her Clan needs her and is always ready to give her life for them.  Her Clan in the most important thing in the world in her mind. Mate to Crimsonfoot. (She-Cat)

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Name: Tawnyspots

Rank: Warrior

Gender: Tom

Picture: (Optional)

Appearance: Light gray tabby tom.



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