Apprentices of BadgerClan

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Apprentices of BadgerClan

Post  Lemonstar on 12/1/2017, 3:49 pm

Cedarpaw: Dark gray she-cat. Cedarpaw is, let's say, very exaggerative. If I told her she was pretty, she would tell some other cat that I said she was extremely beautiful, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in the world. If she sees a biggish vole, she will say she saw a huge vole the size of a badger. Don't listen to her. Parents are Roseflight and Mintegg, Littermate to Swallowpaw and Stripepaw. Mentor is Barkear. (She-Cat)
Swallowpaw: Gray tabby she-cat. Swallowpaw is a very shy cat. She keeps quiet most of the time and when she does talk, it normally starts with a squeak. She can be very nervous and jittery around camp, but in the woods she feels calm and collected. Its the one place she feels she has peace of mind. She feels lonely most of the time and gets embarrassed quickly. She comes across very timid, but is kind and caring. Parents are Roseflight and Mintegg, Littermate to Cedarpaw and Stripepaw. Mentor is Tulipfur. (She-Cat)
Stripepaw: Large silver tabby she-cat. Stripepaw loves to joke around when not on the battlefield. She likes to fight battles by staying in the background and watch the other cat fall into a trap of some sort, making them confused. Occasionally, Stripepaw gets in trouble for pulling a prank on another cat in or out of her own clan. Stripepaw loves to laugh at others and is sometimes called annoying when she goes to far, although she doesn't notice them. If some cat does something to her, she will get back at them by possibly putting a bunch of mousetails in their bedding or telling their mate that they left to go hunting without them. Stripepaw has a hard time noticing when she has done something that might hurt the other cat rather than making them laugh. Parents are Roseflight and Mintegg, Littermate to Cedarpaw and Swallowpaw. Mentor is Molefur. (She-Cat)
Clearpaw: Light gray tom. Jumpy, shy, polite, kind, friendly, loyal, honest, can be short tempered. Mentor is Mossheart. (Tom)
Graypaw: Long-haired gray she-cat. Graypaw's personality changes from time to time, though, it is mainly set on one level. She is kind and usually tries her best to think things through, however, sometimes she doesn't. Parents are Mosspelt and Stripecloud, Littermate to Bumblepaw and Troutpaw. Mentor is Fuzzyleaf. (She-Cat)
Bumblepaw: Very pale gray she-cat with black stripes. Bumblepaw is very swift and agile, and has incredible accuracy with her attacks. Parents are Mosspelt and Stripecloud, Littermate to Graypaw and Troutpaw. Mentor is Mosspelt. (She-Cat)
Troutpaw: Pale gray tabby tom. His eyes are much more sensitive to light than normal. While this does enable him to see much better than other cats, this also means that it is painful for him to be in brightly lit areas, and as such he often prefers to hunt and roam during the night instead of the day. He is also easily blinded by bright light reflecting off of certain surfaces, like water. When that happens, or if he is hit with sudden bright light, then he will be completely blinded for about five minutes, and after that it will be hard for him to see properly until he gets somewhere nice and dark to let his vision recover. He is fairly weak physically, and as such prefers hit-and-run tactics over all-out brawling. Parents are Mosspelt and Stripecloud, Littermate to Graypaw and Bumblepaw. Mentor is Beechclaw. (Tom)
Skypaw: Long-haired gray tom. Skypaw is rebellious, clever, protective over friends/loved ones, naturally a leader but will let others lead, and he's quite flirty. Despite all of his negative traits, Skypaw is very gentle, but can sometimes be ignorant. Parents are Cedarheart and Riverheart, Littermate to Frozenpaw and Lizardpaw. Mentor is Swiftwhisker. (Tom)
Frozenpaw: Dark gray and white she-cat. Frozenpaw is very responsible. Parents are Cedarheart and Riverheart, Littermate to Skypaw and Lizardpaw. Mentor is Lostwhisker. (She-Cat)
Lizardpaw: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Lizardpaw can be impatient at times, making her easily agitated. She is also a daredevil, willing to do anything and risk anything. Sometimes, she can be indecisive, and it's hard for her to be forgiving. Parents are Cedarheart and Riverheart, Littermate to Skypaw and Frozenpaw. Mentor is Cloversoot. (She-Cat)
Bramblepaw: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Empathetic, decisive, compassionate, empathetic, altruistic, always willing to help. Parents are Halfstar and Dawnwhisper. Mentor is Gorsebrook. (She-Cat)


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