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Apprentices of BadgerClan Empty Apprentices of BadgerClan

Post  Lemonstar on 12/1/2017, 3:49 pm

Apprentices of BadgerClan 6y6OCsM

Bramblepaw: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Empathetic, decisive, compassionate, empathetic, altruistic, always willing to help. Parents are Halfstar and Dawnwhisper. Mentor is Gorsebrook. (She-Cat)
Bluepaw: Blue-gray she-cat. Bluepaw is esfj-a, the counsel. her positive traits are compassionate, loyal, practical, and understanding. Mentor is Mintegg.


StarClan: Flashstar
BadgerClan: Lemonstar

Apprentices of BadgerClan AFtO2xP

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