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Warriors of EaglePride

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Senior Warriors:
Shadestripe: Orange male tiger. Shadestripe is quiet, and keeps to himself unless approached. (Male)
Honeyheart: Pale orange male tiger. Honeyheart is a flirt. (Male)
Almondstripe: Orange male tiger. Always has a great sense of adventure. Kind natured. Loves exploring and learning. (Male)
Silentlight: Pale orange female tiger. Silentlight lives up to her name. (Female)
Stormfrost: Pale orange male tiger. Stormfrost is a little moody at times. The majority of his time is spent in a pleasant, playful mood. (Male)
Jasminefoot: Orange male tiger. First and foremost, Jasminefoot is a free spirit who doesn't like to be contained. If he is, she makes her unhappiness known by lashing out. Although a peaceful cat at heart, he will use his claws if need be. Second, Jasminefoot is a heartbreaker. (Male)
Brackenfern: Very pale orange female tiger. Brackenfern is somewhat of a shy tiger with those she doesn't know very well. She is bright and intelligent, but a little depressed. (Female)

Shadowfur: Pale orange female tiger. Withdrawn from others and antisocial, Shadowfur has a hard time believing she is accepted anywhere. This leads to her often doubting and deluding herself. However, she can be a good friend to those who see through her dark exterior and get to know the innocent, sad soul that lies inside. (Female)
Whisperingwind: A bright orange female tiger with patches of white along her face and front legs. She is very submissive, not wanting to get into any trouble with anyone. She follows the rules obediently, always staying on the safer side of things. (Female)
Swanberry: Orange male tiger. Swanberry for all his worth is kind tiger, but his kindness isn't always what it seems. Sometimes he can be very sarcastic, other times he can be as quiet as a mouse for no reason. It is said he's slightly depressed, but Swanberry hides it very well. (Male)
Talonface: Orange female tiger. Talonface is quite unpredictable. She is usually quite reserved when it comes to socializing but more recently, She's started to come out of her shell a bit. (Female)
Hawkflower: Orange female tiger. Hawkflower is a natural diva. Always loves to be center of attention when in her comfort zone, and loves to have fun. Fun is her favorite thing ever. She always makes time to have fun, whatever she does. Parents are Eaglestar and Shadowfur, Littermate to Flutteringtail, Tallpetal, Jaggedstorm, and Quietfur. (Female)
Tallpetal: Orange female tiger. She is a very secretive tiger, often snapping at those who come near her and any who dare to come near her. Parents are Eaglestar and Shadowfur, Littermate to Hawkflower, Flutteringtail, Jaggedstorm, and Quietfur. (Female)
Rootflower: Orange female tiger. Rootflower is that tiger who tries but can never seem to succeed with anything that she tries to accomplish. She'll try to climb a tree, and undoubedtly she'll probably fall. (Female)
Jaggedstorm: Orange female tiger. Jaggedstorm is a very kind tiger who likes to share her energy with others. Whether the energy is shared by playing games or just talking she likes to brighten other pride members day. Parents are Eaglestar and Shadowfur, Littermate to Hawkflower, Flutteringtail, Tallpetal, and Quietfur. (Female)
Quietfur: Orange female tiger. Quietfur is a bundle of energy, she can hardly keep still. Parents are Eaglestar and Shadowfur, Littermate to Hawkflower, Flutteringtail, Tallpetal, and Jaggedstorm. (Female)
Orangetail: Orange female tiger. I am a nice, cheerful, fun-loving tiger, but most of the time I'm pretty shy. I am also fairly intelligent and always a step ahead of everyone. Most of the time you won't see my intelligence because I'm either daydreaming, or thinking. Also I'm fairly clumsy too. But when I put my mind to it, I can break away from my naive, shy shell and fight for what's right. (Female)
Petalnose: Orange male tiger. I cannot hunt very well, but I never tell a lie. Parents are Eaglestar and Talonface, Littermate to Adderwing, Yellowpetal, Clearpaw, Rainpaw, and Lizardpaw. (Male)
Adderwing: Orange male tiger. I am not very good looking as tigers go, but you will never find a more loyal friend than me. Parents are Eaglestar and Talonface, Littermate to Petalnose, Yellowpetal, Clearpaw, Rainpaw, and Lizardpaw. (Male)
Yellowpetal: Orange female tiger. Calm and collected, she is somewhat reserved. Parents are Eaglestar and Talonface, Littermate to Petalnose, Adderwing, Clearpaw, Rainpaw, and Lizardpaw. (Female)
Rubypelt: Orange female tiger. Rubypelt is a complex and interesting tiger, an abundance of contradictions and surprises. She is, overall, a happy, healthy tiger, sweet and enthusiastic and energetic. (Female)

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