Leaders of BirdClan

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Leaders of BirdClan

Post  Thunderstar on 11/14/2017, 8:29 pm

Thunderstar: Orange tom. Thunderstar is a short-tempered feline. Parent is Pebblepelt, Littermate to Turtlefreckle. Lives Left: 8. Mate to Spiritflower. (Tom)


Medicine Cat(s):
Lilyflight: Mottled gray tom. Lilyflight is the kind of cat that is never serious. He is playful and sarcastic, and teases every cat. He is hyper and runs around, never slowing to a walk. Lilyflight is clumsy, however, and never stays on his paws very long. Lilyflight enjoys playing with apprentices and kits, and they typically love him. (Tom)
Silentleap: Silver tom. Silentleap likes climbing trees and he loves chasing squirrels and he is very curious. Parent is Clearfur, Littermate to Spiritflower, Hawkwing, Wolfleap, and Pebbledoe. Mentor is Lilyflight. (Tom)


StarClan: Shortberry
BirdClan: Thunderstar


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