Warriors of BirdClan

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Warriors of BirdClan

Post  Thunderstar on 11/14/2017, 8:28 pm

Senior Warriors:
Icetail: Very pale gray and white tom. Icetail is wise, charming, silly, smart, and brave beyond belief. Mate to Paletail. (Tom)
Starfur: Ginger tom with white paws. Starfur is considered distant, and intensely focused. Mate to Iriswhisker. (Tom)
Jayspring: Brown and white tom. Jayspring tends to get lost in his imagination a lot. Mate to Dangertail. (Tom)
Soulpelt: Brown tom with one black ear. Soulpelt is an arrogant cat who takes all the credit for himself. If someone else defends him, he brags about what he would've done, not even giving the other cat a single bit of credit. Mate to Dawnstrike. (Tom)
Nightfoot: Gray tom with two dark paws. Nightfoot doesn't like when his authority is questioned, he is keen to protect his own, but cannot stand when an outsider comes into their midst. Mate to Pebblepelt. (Tom)

Cloudpelt: Black tom. For Cloudpelt's sake, there is a good virtue for every bad virtue. He hates change. So maybe that counters that he's a graceful cat, in words and every movement and thought that he makes. Negative? Most of the time, but his intelligence is something many cats are possibly jealous of. Cloudpelt is very snappy, but he's gentle in every pawstep, just gentle enough to make cats settle after he snaps at them. He's prideful, yes, and after what we have shared with you, Cloudpelt is actually a very quiet tom. He does prefer to keep to himself mind you. He isn't very hopeful in anything, which is sort of like negativity. But he's very energetic, but don't forget graceful when he moves. (Tom)
Sleepbeetle: Light brown tom. Although he never shows it, Sleepbeetle is extremely intelligent. He is cunning in his own way, and knows how to piss cats off without getting involved. He plays the classic villain-from-a-distance character. (Tom)
Spiritflower: Brown tabby she-cat. Spiritflower is kind and is loving has a radiance about her and she is calm in difficult situations but handles them well. Parent is Clearfur, Littermate to Silentpaw, Hawkwing, Wolfleap, and Pebbledoe. (She-Cat)
Hawkwing: Brown tabby she-cat. Hawkwing dislikes ShadowClan warriors, she thinks they're untrustworthy. She dislikes fish and tries not to be interested in toms. Parent is Clearfur, Littermate to Spiritflower, Silentpaw, Wolfleap, and Pebbledoe. (She-Cat)
Lynxtail: Small white she-cat. Lynxtail is kind to her clanmates and protective of BirdClan in all. She's a great hunter as well, being able to catch the swiftest rabbit or the most cunning mouse. Mate to Copperfeather. (She-Cat)
Wolfleap: Dark gray tabby she-cat. Wolfleap is a rather mysterious cat. She is soft-spoken and doesn't take interest in battling. She is very self-aware and notices things that other cats don't. Nature and everything that changes interests her. Though she doesn't react, Wolfleap is sensitive and wishes she could get along with other cats. Parent is Clearfur, Littermate to Spiritflower, Silentpaw, Hawkwing, and Pebbledoe. (She-Cat)
Pebbledoe: Blue-gray tom. There are many words that can be used to describe this particular tom. Some may say kind, gentle, warm, but he honestly considers himself to be a well-rounded cat. Parent is Clearfur, Littermate to Spiritflower, Silentpaw, Hawkwing, and Wolfleap. (Tom)
Ivyegg: Silver and white tabby she-cat. Ivyegg is one of those mysterious and dark characters. Parents are Copperfeather and Lynxtail, Littermate to Emberlily. (She-Cat)
Sharpcloud: Black she-cat. It's honestly impossible to love this little girl. She's very trusting and innocent, trusting pretty much everyone she meets. She really doesn't understand too much of the world. She loves attention and pranking her clanmates. Mate to Emberwhisker. (She-Cat)
Slatebeetle: Gray she-cat. Helps herself to other cat's food. (She-Cat)
Paletail: Light brown tabby she-cat. Paletail is independent and loves knowing that she can take care of herself and those she cares about. Sometimes she distances herself from cats because she doesn't want to get hurt, but a few persistence cats have made their way through the wall around her heart and become cherished friends to her. Paletail has a strong since of social justice and does not take things laying down. She will not tolerate anything she perceives as an injustice and isn't afraid to speak her mind. To unknowing cats think she comes off as abrasive and maybe even a little snobbish, but get to know her and she is as gentle as a kitten. Many cats stay away from Paletail and have a generally unpleasant opinion of her, or not one at all. Mate to Icetail. (She-Cat)
Dustpelt: Gray tom. Completely oblivious to things like "personal space" and "respect for other cat's property". (Tom)
Ravensplash: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. Parents are Emberwhisker and Sharpcloud. (She-Cat)
Steampool: Light brown tabby she-cat. Steampool is definately a talker and a flirty she-cat though she doesn't see herself as taking a mate of her own. She can talk herself out of nearly any situation although she won't hesitate to fight if he has to. Her words are like a song, soothing and sweet to the ears which grants her nearly anything she wants. Parents are Icetail and Paletail. (She-Cat)
Iriswhisker: Light brown tabby she-cat. Iriswhisker can be brave in her own way. To prove herself, she'll do anything, even if it's very frightening for her. She can fight back, but it won't do any good. But Iriswhisker won't back down, not for anything or anyone. Mate to Starfur. (She-Cat)
Dangertail: Dark gray she-cat. Dangertail is rather stubborn. She likes having things go her way, and is not at all soft-spoken. She speaks her mind quite easily and doesn't mind at all if others feel a different way. Other's options don't really matter to her- as she is always right, and doesn't mind telling cats so. She can be rather arrogant, and sassy yet it is also one of her many flaws, and charms. Dangertail doesn't take well to newcomers yet she strangely makes friends very easily. Those who know Dangertail best, say she is quit funny, charming, and outgoing, and can be shy around someone she likes where her charm doesn't quit work. In other words, Dangertail is mysterious and can be a bit two faced, unless you stay on her good--or bad-- side, where you will see the good, or bad in her. Mate to Jayspring. (She-Cat)
Timberflight: Brown she-cat. She is kind, pleasant, beautiful, and well bred- though she also has the ability to be firm, gracefully commanding, and politically wise. She is intelligent, virtuous, honorable, morally strong, charming, conservative, witty, and not boastful. Parents are Starfur and Iriswhisker, Littermate to Mudblaze. (She-Cat)
Mudblaze: Light brown tom. Seriously anxious. Parents are Starfur and Iriswhisker, Littermate to Timberflight. (Tom)


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Re: Warriors of BirdClan

Post  Plumclaw on 1/15/2018, 6:35 pm

Name: Plumclaw

Rank: Warrior

Gender: (She-Cat)

Picture: (Optional)

Appearance: Dark gray she-cat.

Personality: Alluring, playful, fun-loving, confident, enticing.

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