Elders of CrowPride

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Elders of CrowPride

Post  Ravenstar on 11/10/2017, 3:21 pm

Thrushtail: Golden male ocelot. Thrushtail is a bit far-off. (Male)
Spotear: Golden male ocelot. Spotear is a very loud and vibrant character. He doesn't have a problem with being the center of attention, and makes sure his voice is heard. He's the typical daredevil, always taking risks... Sometimes stupid ones, mostly just for the sake of it. (Male)
Scarletpelt: Golden male ocelot.  Scarletpelt is rather shy, preferring to keep to himself often. (Male)
Magpietail: Golden female ocelot. Magpietail is an explorer. She is interested in finding new things and places, and she likes to wander around CrowPride territory. Actually, only a few of her pridemates know their territory as well as her. She has always been a wandering soul, and she gets bored easily, if she is forced to stay in camp for a longer while. (Female)
Hazetail: Golden male ocelot. Hazetail is mostly calm and a little bit silent tom. At first, he may seem a little shy, but when you get to know him, it turns out that, actually, he is not. Usually, he is friendly towards his pridemates, and it is quite hard to make him mad. (Male)


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