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Post  Goosestar on 10/31/2017, 8:59 pm

Leaders of FlamePride Pbucket

Goosestar: Light male lion. High-spirited and often never discouraged.  He can lose his temper, but it doesn't happen often.  He is great at making friends, but sometimes it is hard for him to keep his heart where his loyalties lie. Parents are Flamestar and Clovestripe, Littermate to Brambleflower, Stoneflight, Shrewfur, and Volerabbit. Lives Left: 1. (Male)

Blackstripe: Medium-sized female with a multitude of spots and jet black ears. Blackstripe doesn't rely on luck, fate, or destiny for her success. Whenever conditions become difficult she keeps working, giving it her all. She can do anything she sets her mind to if she believes in herself. Blackstripe pushes herself to do better than the average lion, she may even push herself too hard. She will get really offended if someone doubts her skills. She will not back down from a fight when it comes to protecting the ones she loves most. Parents are Flamestar and Whispernose, Littermate to Willowdaisy, Tornstar, Zebrapaw, Echostorm, and Coyotefeather. (Female)

Medicine Lion:
Coyotefeather: Large, lighter-shaded female with a dark pink nose. Coyotefeather is not easily annoyed or angered but can get upset easily. Parents are Flamestar and Whispernose, Littermate to Willowdaisy, Tornstar, Blackstripe, Zebrapaw, and Echostorm. (Female)

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