Leaders of FlamePride

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Leaders of FlamePride

Post  Goosestar on 10/31/2017, 8:59 pm

Goosestar: Light male lion. High-spirited and often never discouraged.  He can lose his temper, but it doesn't happen often.  He is great at making friends, but sometimes it is hard for him to keep his heart where his loyalties lie. Parents are Flamestar and Clovestripe, Littermate to Brambleflower, Stoneflight, Shrewfur, and Volerabbit. Lives Left: 7. (Male)

Clovestripe: Clovestripe is a medium brown lioness with a distinctly red tinge to her fur and, on her noticeably massive paws, there are subtle stripes climbing up her legs as well as a long, darker red dorsal stripe shooting straight down her back from the crown of her skull to the end of her tail. The fur on her belly and throat are a lighter, creamier color and she has a broad head, smoldering amber eyes and a mouth full of particularly sharp pearly whites. Clovestripe is a very tranquil lioness who carries herself with dignity and an air of importance. She always has her head held high and locks eyes with her company when socializing. Her favorite company, however, is her sister. She's a firm believer of the saying, "blood is thicker than water". Clovestripe enjoys observing apprentices in training, be it hunting or fighting. She likes to be aware of the pride's status and have no worries about its future, thus she familiarizes herself with the next generation's warriors. Littermate to Mosslight. (Female)

Medicine Lion:
Coyotefeather: Large, lighter-shaded female with a dark pink nose. Coyotefeather is not easily annoyed or angered but can get upset easily. Parents are Flamestar and Whispernose, Littermate to Willowdaisy, Tornstar, Blackstripe, Zebrapaw, and Echostorm. (Female)

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