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Post  Goosestar on 10/31/2017, 8:59 pm

Senior Warriors:
Blackstripe: Medium-sized female with a multitude of spots and jet black ears. Blackstripe doesn't rely on luck, fate, or destiny for her success. Whenever conditions become difficult she keeps working, giving it her all. She can do anything she sets her mind to if she believes in herself. Blackstripe pushes herself to do better than the average lion, she may even push herself too hard. She will get really offended if someone doubts her skills. She will not back down from a fight when it comes to protecting the ones she loves most. Parents are Flamestar and Whispernose, Littermate to Willowdaisy, Tornstar, Zebrapaw, Echostorm, and Coyotefeather. (Female)
Echostorm: Lighter-shaded male with a dark muzzle. It is very rare to see him angry, and if a lion tries to ruin his day, he won't snap at them, he'll still treat this certain lion nicely because he knows it'll only make the situation worse if he decides to get back at the lion. Echostorm is also a very loyal lion, but he will still stand up for what he believes in. If this lion is devoted at some goal of the sort then he will work for it, and he will work hard until he can accomplish it. Echostorm is not the kind of lion that will just give up. Parents are Flamestar and Whispernose, Littermate to Willowdaisy, Torneye, Blackstripe, Zebrapaw, and Coyotefeather. (Male)
Brambleflower: Dark female lion. Brambleflower is they kind of lion that you always need to keep an eye on. She's full of energy that is hard to get rid of. You always have to keep a close eye on her or she'll do something that will cause someone to get in trouble! She's almost always never mad at anyone and is always around you, but it's hard not to love her. She's just the type of lion that you can't stay mad at easily. Although Brambleflower can be a handful, she's easily impressed and is a fast learner. Parents are Flamestar and Clovestripe, Littermate to Goosestar, Stoneflight, Shrewfur, and Volerabbit. (Female)
Stoneflight: Light male lion. Stoneflight appears to be cold, dark, and intelligent. But this is the outside. Intelligent, yes. But cold, dark? Never. This is his barrier, his hard stone wall between him and his emotions. He has the unfortunate tendency of locking himself out from the world, hiding who he really is inside. When the cold shell he hides behind disappears, a completely different lion emerges from it. This lion is humorous, playful and teasing. Parents are Flamestar and Clovestripe, Littermate to Brambleflower, Goosestar, Shrewfur, and Volerabbit. (Male)
Shrewfur: Light male lion. No matter how hard a lion can try, it is very difficult for Shrewfur to trust anyone. Parents are Flamestar and Clovestripe, Littermate to Brambleflower, Gooseflower, Stoneflight, and Volerabbit. (Male)
Volerabbit: Light male lion. Volerabbit can be friendly and nice at times. Parents are Flamestar and Clovestripe, Littermate to Brambleflower, Gooseflower, Stoneflight, and Shrewfur. (Male)

Webalder: Golden female lion. Sweet, empathetic, protective, loyal, passionate. Parents are Jaystar and Nightflower, Littermate to Echowing. (Female)
Echowing: Golden female lion. Fiery, stubborn, self-conscious, perfectionist, controlling. Parents are Jaystar and Nightflower, Littermate to Webalder. (Female)
Woodcloud: A darker shaded female with touseled fur along her spine. Woodcloud is a quiet, shy lion. She tends to keep to herself most of the time. When others need her help, she would always be there for them no matter what. She is a true friend, and a good one at that. She never raises her voice, and rarely shows anger. When she does, it is normally when she is by herself. (Female)
Onyxfragment: Golden female lion. Fun-loving/pleasure seeking; playful; passionate. (Female)
Toadtail: Medium gold female lion with a multitude of spots. She is agile, and is always serious. She tends to give other lions who look at her a cold stare, until they turn away. Her personality is also thus; finding little joy in the world, and treats everyone and everything with little compassion. Feelings, she finds, only tend to drag her down, and as such, she usually wears a deadpan expression. Parents are Midnightstar and Woodcloud, Littermate to Ferretcub, Onepaw, Furzepaw, Mosspaw, and Dustpaw. (Female)

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