Warriors of CloudClan

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Warriors of CloudClan

Post  Jasminestar on 8/28/2017, 6:50 pm

Senior Warriors:
Stormshadow: Black tom. Stormshadow is a little moody at times. The majority of his time is spent in a pleasant, playful mood. Mate to Ivorypetal. (Tom)
Skywatcher: Brown tabby tom. Skywatcher is a stern sort of cat and prefers to abide by the rules, well, the rules that he agrees with. He is a very trustworthy cat despite that, but isn't afraid to blackmail or take revenge. (Tom)
Silversnook: Silver tabby tom. Silversnook is an adorkably inquisitive cat who is always sticking his nose in things it sometimes would be better not to. Other cat's feelings, for one. Subtly prying cats open to see what’s wrong, what they need help with is one of his lesser strengths, one that is less-acknowledged. Parents are Stormshadow and Ivorypetal, Littermate to Brightstripe. (Tom)
Brightstripe: White tom with ginger and black patches. Brightstripe is soft-spoken, awkward in public, and insecure. Parents are Stormshadow and Ivorypetal, Littermate to Silversnook. (Tom)
Foxnettle: Gray and white tom. Boasting the emotional range of a teaspoon, Foxnettle doesn't seem to have any particular strong feelings or opinions about anything. Parents are Jasminestar and Lionwater. (Tom)

Clearblossom: Light gray tom. Clearblossom is afraid of being tortured, being captured, being killed, and is constantly paranoid. (Tom)
Grandoak: White tom. He's extremely competitive and hates losing. (Tom)
Ivorypetal: Yellow tabby she-cat. She likes flowers, kind cats, hunting, snow, and her friends. Mate to Stormshadow. (She-Cat)
Ashfoot: Pale gray tom. Socially awkward, short-tempered, sarcastic. (Tom)

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Re: Warriors of CloudClan

Post  Lionblaze on 5/15/2018, 3:57 pm

Name: Lionblaze

Rank: Warrior

Gender: Tom

Picture: (Optional)

Appearance: Golden tabby tom.

Personality: Wary | private | determined | competitive | perfectionist | aims to please.


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