Apprentices of CloudClan

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Apprentices of CloudClan

Post  Jasminestar on 8/28/2017, 6:50 pm

Finchpaw: Ginger tabby she-cat. Hopeless romantic, motherly, sweet, caring, insecure, nervous. Parents are Stormshadow and Ivorypetal. Mentor is Silversnook. (She-Cat)
Ashpaw: Pale gray tom. socially awkward, short-tempered, sarcastic. Mentor is Stormshadow. (Tom)
Dewpaw: Brown and cream calico she-cat with blue eyes. Dewpaw is a very shy female that like to be alone, she is brave and friendly. She is also quiet and good at stalking. She loves birds. Mentor is Brightstripe. (She-Cat)

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