Warriors of ShadowClan

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Warriors of ShadowClan

Post  Copperstar on 8/16/2017, 5:09 pm

Senior Warriors:
Sparkowl: Black tom. Sparkowl is a force not to be reckoned with; for he's one hell of a cat. He always has his guard on, and hates ones who throw pity parties for themselves. Mate to Crimsonhawk. (Tom)
Twonest: Dark gray tom. Twonest is kind and kit-like. His mischievous nature might get him into trouble, but he means no harm. Twonest likes to run and play with kits. He knows that growing up is hard, so he pushed the concept of mental, spiritual growing up away, and focuses on being young and free. Mate to Jayriver. (Tom)
Icewaterfall: Dark brown tabby tom. Icewaterfall is wise, charming, silly, smart, and brave beyond belief. Mate to Soulmountain. (Tom)
Whitewater: Black tom. This tom loves to talk, any conversation is a good conversation. Whitewater babbles on about life and everything else and he loves to reveal juicy gossip and secrets. Mate to Oceantail. (Tom)
Duskheron: Brown tabby she-cat. Duskheron has a few good and bad qualities each. She can be calm in certain situations, though this tranquil side of her depends on how serious the situation is. Not only is she calm, she is brave in dire times, such as in battle or a survival crisis. In addition to that, she is also loyal. Mate to Shadowstar. (She-Cat)

Creekpool: Brown tabby tom. Bouncing off walls seems a little extreme, but Creekpool is certainly the hyper one. Parents are Shadowstar and Duskheron, Littermate to Tanglelion, Sticktiger, Shortberry, and Dodgepaw. Mate to Dreamswim. (Tom)
Shortberry: Brown tom. Never trust him. Shortberry has to be one of the biggest liars you will ever meet. Parents are Shadowstar and Duskheron, Littermate to Creekpool, Tanglelion, Sticktiger, and Dodgepaw. (Tom)
Tigerleap: Light brown tabby she-cat. Tigerleap has a very murderous personality. She is unknown to others, always on the hunt to cause some trouble and by trouble she means killing. This cat isn't the kind to be giving mercy, heck she could be killing a kit and she wouldn't give a rat's tail! Tigerleap is also very short-tempered and tends to challenge anyone that gets in her way. Mate to Copperstar. (She-Cat)
Dreampool: Brown tabby she-cat. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. Parents are Copperstar and Tigerleap, Littermate to Brightheart, Yellowfur, Shadowheart, and Frostwing. (She-Cat)
Brightheart: Cream tabby tom. I am a daydreamer and cannot concentrate long on anything, but I would never intentionally hurt another without a reason. Parents are Copperstar and Tigerleap, Littermate to Dreampool, Yellowfur, Shadowheart, and Frostwing. Mate to Tanglelion. (Tom)
Yellowfur: White tom. Cruel, unpredictable, and shows little to no empathy. Parents are Copperstar and Tigerleap, Littermate to Dreampool, Brightheart, Shadowheart, and Frostwing. (Tom)
Shadowheart: Light brown tabby she-cat. Shadowheart is a fun loving she-cat with big plans on becoming the best warrior out there and soon....a leader. She's a big believer and dreamer. Parents are Copperdawn and Tigerleap, Littermate to Dreampool, Brightheart, Yellowfur, and Frostwing. (She-Cat)
Frostwing: Dark gray she-cat. Extremely analytic with a handy ability to distance herself from her surroundings in order to grasp the bigger picture, perfected hunting and fighting techniques. Parents are Copperdawn and Tigerleap, Littermate to Dreampool, Brightheart, Yellowfur, and Shadowheart. (She-Cat)
Crimsonhawk: Dark ginger she-cat. Crimsonhawk is stubborn and mean. Mate to Sparkowl. (She-Cat)
Jayriver: Light brown she-cat. There's always that little need for revenge that sits in the back of her mind, building up until someone throws her over the edge. Jayriver passes herself off as someone who's very calm, cool, and collected, this little cat has a boiling temper that's sure to show if someone pisses her off enough. She usually chooses the physical violence route instead of using her words, seeing that she's not the most quick-witted feline in the forest. In fact, she always embarrasses herself when attempting to tell someone off. Mate to Twonest. (She-Cat)
Soulmountain: Gray she-cat. Soulmountain is an arrogant cat who takes all the credit for herself. If someone else defends her, she brags about what she would've done, not even giving the other cat a single bit of credit. Mate to Icewaterfall. (She-Cat)
Wolfboulder: Very pale gray and white long-haired tabby tom. Wolfboulder is, admittedly, a bit tricky to pin down, but only because he is a bit of a chameleon, in the sense that he has a persona he reserves for those he hardly knows and a persona for those he does. It isn't as much of a completely separate demeanor as it is a single shade of who he is- he is polite when around strangers, but he is also civil around others, simply in varying degrees. Fifty shades of Wolfboulder, although there might not be that many, and if there are, they're minor details when compared to the larger attributes of his demeanor. Parents are Sparkowl and Crimsonhawk, Littermate to Sleetpelt and Finchsong. (Tom)
Sleetpelt: Brown tabby tom. Sleetpelt, for all of his bluster and sometimes even biting words, is a caring individual, and if someone knows how to look, it won't be difficult to see that he truly wears his heart on his sleeve. Parents are Sparkowl and Crimsonhawk, Littermate to Wolfboulder and Finchsong. (Tom)
Finchsong: Ginger tabby she-cat. Finchsong is what some would call an oddball. She loves telling jokes and seeing the reactions of the cats around her. She isn't worried about embarrassing herself. She would much rather embarrass herself than be humiliated by someone else. Everything Finchsong does revolves around her being her goofy self.  Parents are Sparkowl and Crimsonhawk, Littermate to Wolfboulder and Sleetpelt. (She-Cat)
Mallowsong: Light brown tabby tom. Stubborn, arrogant, and grumpy if things don't go his way. Parents are Twonest and Jayriver, Littermate to Starleap, Songthistle, Sageleaf, Mockingbirdwillow, and Flurrypebble. (Tom)
Starleap: Red she-cat. Intimidating, stoic, and sarcastic are three words that accurately describe Starleap. She does not make friends easily and is a cat who does things rather than sit around and talk about it. Parents are Twonest and Jayriver, Littermate to Mallowsong, Songthistle, Sageleaf, Mockingbirdwillow, and Flurrypebble. (She-Cat)
Songthistle: Light brown she-cat. Logical and intelligent, Songthistle possesses a natural instinct to learn and solve anything she puts her mind to. Although she is an organized planner, there are occasions on which Songthistle will demand immediate answers and make impulsive decisions as a result. She is nothing if not a perfectionist, refusing to grant a task anything less than her full attention. Although Songthistle often comes across as rude, she is actually very supportive and protective of her friends. Parents are Twonest and Jayriver, Littermate to Mallowsong, Starleap, Sageleaf, Mockingbirdwillow, and Flurrypebble. (She-Cat)
Sageleaf: Dark gray tom. Mischievous, fickle, playful. Parents are Twonest and Jayriver, Littermate to Mallowsong, Starleap, Songthistle, Mockingbirdwillow, and Flurrypebble. (Tom)
Mockingbirdwillow: Dark gray tom. Imaginative, determined, independent, curious, organized. Parents are Twonest and Jayriver, Littermate to Mallowsong, Starleap, Songthistle, Sageleaf, and Flurrypebble. (Tom)
Flurrypebble: Dark gray tom. Stubborn and hot-headed, Flurrypebble will passionately fight over his views. Strongly believing in the views he has and the way he wants to be treated as an individual. Though he does his best to avoid sparking large fights, Flurrypebble won't back down from an argument regarding his beliefs. Parents are Twonest and Jayriver, Littermate to Mallowsong, Starleap, Songthistle, Sageleaf, and Mockingbirdwillow. (Tom)
Sparrowheart: Gray she-cat. Sparrowheart is a simple cat, calm, cool, collected, she can be easily mistaken for someone without a heart if one doesn't bother to know her... she just has taken the way of the breeze to heart and encompasses what it is. Like the wind she seems fairly constant, soft, sweet, relaxed, but just as quickly Sparrowheart can fly into an aggressive rage... seemingly for no reason at all. No one knows why she has such sudden mood shifts, but she tends to keep more to herself because of them. Sparrowheart is very loyal, lawful, he will do as she is told even if she disagrees with it. Parents are Icewaterfall and Soulmoutain, Littermate to Lynxpaw. (She-Cat)
Oceantail: White she-cat. She is a very quiet and calm she-cat. Oceantail doesn't get mad often, or even excited. The she-cat likes to be alone most of the time. When angered, all she will do is keep it inside of her. When saddened, she will do the same. Mate to Whitewater. (She-Cat)
Dreamswim: Brown tabby she-cat. Dreamswim is often mistaken for being a bit air-headed at first glance, but she is much more aware than others think. She loves to constantly be informed with what's going on among her clanmates as well as what goes on in the other clans. The term "nosey" fits her perfectly, so this almost always leads her to becoming quite a gossiper. Dreamswim doesn't mean to do this out of spite, though. It's just her overwhelming curiosity that drives her to become apart of situations she has no business butting in to. Besides that she is a generally nice cat and is almost always on top of her warrior duties. Mate to Creekpool. (She-Cat)


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