Queens and Kits of ShadowClan

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Queens and Kits of ShadowClan

Post  Copperstar on 8/16/2017, 5:07 pm

Stormshrew: Brown tabby she-cat. Stormshrew is a very sweet she-cat, tending to keep quiet sometimes though always wanting to be a help to others. Parent is Dreamswim. Mate to Sticktiger. (She-Cat)
Tanglelion: Brown tabby she-cat. Tanglelion, seemingly, has not one concern with another's safety or well being. This is almost, ALMOST true. Usually, emotion she shows is false and only for her benefit, but, in rare cases, she could actually develop feelings for someone or something other than herself. Usually, these feelings become possessive, and her signals are very mixed. She spends time teasing and annoying this said cat until a threat to hurt or take that cat away from her arises. When that happens, she becomes extremely protective and possessive. This alone usually scares the cat she cares about away, which causes her quite a lot of trauma and anger. Parents are Shadowstar and Duskheron, Littermate to Creekpool, Sticktiger, Shortberry, and Dodgepaw. Mate to Brightheart. (She-Cat)
Dreampool: Brown tabby she-cat. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. Parents are Copperstar and Tigerleap, Littermate to Brightheart, Yellowfur, Shadowheart, and Frostwing. Mate to Shortberry. (She-Cat)

Morningkit: Dark brown tom. Morningkit is very hard to make angry or upset. He acts chill around cats she likes, but when really, he's a hyper and happy-go-lucky cat who loves to play at any chance he can get. He is easily distracted, and he can be quite naive. BUT he's a quick learner, and he sure loves learning! Morningkit is non-violent, and he'd do a lot to keep from wars breaking out, or cats fighting. He's skittish- easily startled, so in return, he loves to scare other cats. He's terrible at giving directions, describing things around him, and keeping conversations. He's really fascinated by everything around him- especially stars and the moon. He's quite clumsy when it comes to climbing. Parents are Sticktiger and Stormshrew, Littermate to Windkit, Hollykit, and Eaglekit. (Tom)
Windkit: Brown she-cat. Windkit is very outgoing and social, however, her kindness skills aren't the best. What she thinks is kind, can be considered rude to others. She never asks for help, thinking she can do it herself. She is semi-smart, but mostly naive of things she speaks about. Parents are Sticktiger and Stormshrew, Littermate to Morningkit, Hollykit, and Eaglekit. (She-Cat)
Hollykit: Brown tom. Hollykit has undying loyalty to his littermates, and to the leader or deputy. Parents are Sticktiger and Stormshrew, Littermate to Morningkit, Windkit, and Eaglekit. (Tom)
Eaglekit: Brown tom. Eaglekit believes fighting is okay, but he really doesn't want to do it unless he has to. He enjoys hunting for his clan, and helping them any way he can. Parents are Sticktiger and Stormshrew, Littermate to Morningkit, Windkit, and Hollykit. (Tom)
Mousekit: Dusky brown she-cat. Parents are Brightheart and Tanglelion, Littermate to Dustkit. (She-Cat)
Dustkit: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Parents are Brightheart and Tanglelion, Littermate to Mousekit. (She-Cat)


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