Warriors of SnakeClan

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Warriors of SnakeClan

Post  Brightstar on 8/2/2017, 12:28 pm

Senior Warriors:
Birdblaze: Golden tabby tom. Funny and caring, Birdblaze is good at making friends. He shows his flirty side to a lot of she-cats. He is clever at hunting and vicious in battle. He is very loyal. He shows eagerness in serving his Clan. Mate to Blossomclaw. (Tom)
Foxclaw: Reddish tabby tom. He is generally pretty nice and he works well with cats that can be impatient or have a temper. He gets upset easily, but usually hides it pretty well. Mate to Addertail. (Tom)
Runningpelt: Tawny-colored tabby tom. This tom is very sweet and loyal. Runningpelt is good natured, and intelligent as well. He can process every situation as quick as he himself is when he runs. He loves to please other cats, and will do anything to keep every one of them happy and content, as long as he's around. Runningpelt is very strong and true, he never breaks a promise. Sometimes, he can get too curious for his own good, and can very rarely be obnoxious without meaning to. Mate to Flameface. (Tom)
Tornwhisker: Dark ginger tom. Tornwhisker is quiet and shy. Not just shy in a young cat nervous around older cat kind of way, but to the point of being an anti-social. He doesn't like the company of other cats and will try to say as little as possible when being forced to be around them. He is always suspicious of others, including his clanmates. He will not talk about himself, but only because he fears that whom ever he tells anything to will one day use it against him. Mate to Mosswing. (Tom)
Fangheart: A chocolate pointed tom, Fangheart is a clumsy little happy go lucky cat. He's become more clumsy as he follows his friends around, but it was suspected he would be clumsy anyways, no matter who his mentor ended up being. Littermate to Splashfeather. Parent is Bluelily. Mate to Thrushheart. (Tom)
Crookedpelt: Silver spotted tom, lean build with curious dark amber eyes. Crookepelt is fun-loving but shy. He loves to romp and play in flowery fields and splash in the stream. Crookedpelt also has a very adventurous side. His always curious personality sometimes leads him to get into trouble, but luckily there's always someone there to prevent that. Mate to Bumbletail. (Tom)
Wildcloud: Golden tabby tom. Wildcloud is a loving cat. He's happy around everyone and doesn't easily distinguish between SnakeClan and the rest of them. He's not a big believer in Clan boundaries or hostility between Clans either, which may prove a problem. He's loyal to cats rather than to SnakeClan. Wildcloud's not sure where he stands with faith in StarClan as he's never took the time to think about it but he is a cat with a very open mind so who knows? Mate to Doveclaw. (Tom)
Silverwind: A lean ginger torbie tom with bright yellow eyes and long white whiskers. This tom has a habit of back-talking which often leads him into trouble. He is kind and friendly to those who do the same, and has a firey temper. Mate to Ivytail. (Tom)
Foxnose: Ginger tom with green eyes and short fur. Built more like his mother rather then his father. One white toe and a bright pink nose. Foxnose is exactly that, a fox. He can be really sneaky and cunning, but more often then not his mother knows what he is up to. He likes to get is sister, Pearlfur is as much trouble as possible, just because she can easily beat him up, and will for no reason. Parent is Crookedpelt. Sibling to Spottedtail, Pearlfur, and Lighteyes. Mate to Snakeclaw. (Tom)
Icesong: White tom. Ever heard the term, "I'm a lover, not a fighter"? Well, that would have practical applications to this little fuzzball. He is very friendly and curious, which tends to get him into a lot of trouble. Fortunately though, curiosity has never killed the cat in the case, only gotten him in loads of trouble. He makes up for this, however, in hunting skills. As a kit, he was the reason that there were piles of dead butterflies outside the nursery. Parent is Whitetail, Littermate to Littlesoul, Snoweyes, and Kinkpelt. Mate to Snakepelt. (Tom)
Tigertail: Orange and black tabby she-cat. Tigertail is a brave and loyal cat. She looks up to all of her clan's senior warriors. Mate to Mothtail. (She-Cat)
Willowspring: Very pale gray tom. Willowspring is traquil and calm. He is very forgiving and kind. He has a lovingness to him that makes it almost impossible to hate him. Parent is Snakepelt, Littermate to Blueshine, Runningheart, and Brindlestar. Mate to Rainwhisker. (Tom)
Thornclaw: Gold and brown tabby tom. Thornclaw just wants to be liked. He wants nothing more in the world that groups of giggling friends to gossip with, a mate to grow old with, and a family to raise. Parents are Icestar and Brightstorm, Littermate to Whitefoot, Brookur, and Berrywhisker. Mate to Ferncloud. (Tom)
Foxheart: Ginger and white she-cat. Very enthusiastic and adventurous, she loves nothing more than to explore. She has extreme respect for any other Clan member, as she believes the strongest bond in a Clan is their friendship. Usually happy and bouncy, she is fiercely loyal and obeys most orders. She enjoys fighting more than hunting, where she can use her acute hearing and intelligence to her advantage. Mate to Thorncloud. (She-Cat)
Addertooth: Brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Spitting image of his mother. Addertooth has a bright and bouncy personality. He loves playing around and hunting. His other side is very different. Sometimes he can be very shy and quiet, especially when he is embaressed. Sibling to Aspencloud, Flashfire, Pinestar and Coalwhisker. Mate to Birchtail. (Tom)

Ambertooth: Dark brown tabby tom. Ambertooth is very mischeivous and always gets into trouble. He likes to talk back to authority, although as he grows older he may come to respect his elders. He is very curious and is always asking questions, no matter how stupid-sounding. Ambertooth often roughhouses, but always apologizes if he accidentally hurts one of his friends. He is very confident and outspoken. Parents are Blackfire and Swirlstripe, Littermate to Pouncethorn and Foxwhisker. Mate to Kinkpelt. (Tom)
Pouncethorn: Gray and white tabby she-cat. Pouncethorn is rather shy. She doesn't talk much at first, but once you get to know her, she's a real sweetheart- at least to the toms. To other she-cats, she's the jokester, the cat they always expect to do something she's not supposed to. She's a troublemaker at heart. A lot of the younger toms - the ones that don't know her that much- seem to always be swooning over her. Pouncethorn doesn't really care about them. Parents are Blackfire and Swirlstripe, Littermate to Ambertooth and Foxwhisker. (She-Cat)
Foxwhisker: Bright ginger tabby she-cat. Foxwhisker is a very curious she-cat. She'll do nearly anything to explore everything her keen eyes can spot. Anything and everything from odd paw prints, distracting scents, or even enemy Clans. She'll stick her nose into all sorts of places that she really shouldn't be near. Parents are Blackfire and Swirlstripe, Littermate to Ambertooth and Pouncethorn. (She-Cat)
Stickfoot: Brown she-cat with a stub tail. Although she is very curious, she also knows how to be serious. Outside her aloof and carefree appearance is an adamant and much more serious cat. She takes great heed to Clan situations, and the predicaments of others within or outside SnakeClan. Parents are Bronzeflower and Smudgecloud, Littermate to Fawnstep, Birdclaw, and Sapface. (She-Cat)
Heavyflight: Dark ginger she-cat. She is regal and brave, with a kind heart. She would do anything to protect his Clan, and if fiercely loyal to Hawkstar. No hesitation dwells in her mind, and will obey any order she is given. Does not get angered easily, and is naturally good-humored. Mate to Cherryleg. (She-Cat)
Icebelly: White she-cat. Icebelly is usually very shy around other cats, more so the ones that she's not familar with (ie; cats from other clans, loners). She's not one who likes to fight against other Clans, but, she will if she has to, and her figting skills are half-decent. Icebelly would rather be hunting then fighting. Mate to Birchflower. (She-Cat)
Fawnstep: Light brown tabby she-cat. Loyalty is always at the top of Fawnstep's list. The number one thing is to stay loyal to your clan, and to the ones you love. She has always said that, it is kind of like her motto. She prefers to have a few very close friends, rather than a bunch of not so close ones. This cat is witty as well as wise. Parents are Bronzeflower and Smudgecloud, Littermate to Stickfoot, Birdclaw, and Sapface. (She-Cat)
Birdclaw: Light brown tabby tom. In battle he knows some pretty good moves to avoid getting clawed. Of course, no one's perfect. Birdclaw is not the best hunter. He doesn't love the idea of killing living animals, but he knows he has to for his Clan. But, he has problems getting his claws around the faster prey, such as squirrels and jaybirds. Parents are Bronzeflower and Smudgecloud, Littermate to Stickfoot, Fawnstep, and Sapface. Mate to Blueshine. (Tom)
Sapface: Light brown tabby she-cat. Sapface is a talkative and social cat. Some cats may never get her to shut up. Parents are Bronzeflower and Smudgecloud, Littermate to Stickfoot, Fawnstep, and Birdclaw. (She-Cat)
Briarflower: Dark brown she-cat. She can be very cunning and smart sometimes. She doesn't like to be ordered around. She will obey the leader but anybody else will have to earn her respect first before she starts obeying or listening to them. Once she gets to know you and makes friends with you, she will be very nice. Mate to Berrystripe. (She-Cat)
Sunlight: Bright ginger tom. Besides being outgoing, he is witty. Sunlight likes to think things through when doing battle practice, he's never been in an actual battle. It sometimes takes him awhile to think of a plan, but he's getting faster and smarter. Parents are Mothtail and Tigertail, Littermate to Specklestripe. Mate to Runningheart. (Tom)
Blossomclaw: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat. Blossomclaw is a calm and likeable cat, and she has a lot of friends in her clan. When she gets mad, she gets extremely mad, but she has a long temper, and is usually very forgiving, so most cats don't hold any grudges against her. Mate to Birdblaze. (She-Cat)
Specklestripe: Black tabby tom. You would think by looking at this little guy that he is just an average, sweet cat. However, he is the complete opposite. Specklestripe's personality is very different from his sibling. He is somewhat of a loner, always having a tough time creating a bond with other cats. Parents are Mothtail and Tigertail, Littermate to Sunlight. Mate to Coalwhisker. (Tom)
Adderfrost: Mottled brown tabby she-cat. She always prefers to be on her own, and she is extremely independent. A lot of the older cats always say she'd be better off as a loner. They sometimes question that she would be loyal to her clan. Actually though, she has a deep passion for her clan, she just doesn't show it on the outside. Parents are Thorncloud and Foxheart, Littermate to Robinwhisker, Swiftpelt, Snowsun, and Weedblossom. (She-Cat)
Robinwhisker: Small brown she-cat. She doesn't like the idea of broadcasting that she would die for her clan. She thinks that's just sucking up. Deep down inside though, she would do anything to protect her clan. Parents are Thorncloud and Foxheart, Littermate to Adderfrost, Swiftpelt, Snowsun, and Weedblossom. (She-Cat)
Swiftpelt: Golden brown tabby tom. Swiftpelt prefers not to have any friends and he doesn't really like to be bothered by anyone. When another cat tries to befriend him he usually ignores them or barely talks until the other cat just leaves. Parents are Thorncloud and Foxheart, Littermate to Adderfrost, Robinwhisker, Snowsun, and Weedblossom. Mate to Aspencloud. (Tom)
Snowsun: White she-cat. She is very strong, physically and mentally. If something bad happens to her she won't show that she's upset she'll just brush it off. She doesn't like to play like the other cats, she'd rather explore by herself or just sit in camp. Parents are Thorncloud and Foxheart, Littermate to Adderfrost, Robinwhisker, Swiftpelt, and Weedblossom. (She-Cat)
Nightstripe: Pure white she-cat. If you had to describe her with one word, the first that would come to mind is 'pessimist'. She never sees a good outcome in anything. Always predicting the worst, she never seems to be happy. She has a short temper, never tolerating anything out of line, and never taking any sass from others. Another word you could use to describe her is methodical. She always does something the way she was raised. She never strays from what she knows, never tries to change everything. She's content with things the way they are, and sees no need to mess with them. (She-Cat)
Brindleheart: Ginger tabby she-cat. Brindleheart is a very confident she-cat; arrogant some would say.  She is an extremely good fighter and knows it.  In fact, she would be the first to tell you this.  Not only does she have a big ego, but she is a charmer too.  When it comes to toms, Brindleheart is all over it.  Though most of the time she ends up face first in the dirt because let’s face it, who wants to hang out with a cat who thinks she the best thing since fresh-kill.  But under all that arrogance lies a very dark, brooding, ambitious cat who will go to any length to achieve her goals.  Whether she admits it or not. Parents are Cherryleg and Heavyflight, Littermate to Blackclaw, Palepaw, Coalkit, Flamepelt, and Fogmoon. (She-Cat)
Blackclaw: Smoky black tom. Blackclaw is a very laid-back cat in day-to-day life.  It's always "Chill, bro,"  or 'A'ight, seriously, relax," with him.  Stress is just a bummer, man, and why course through life hatin'?  Though the tom may not be some sort of hippie, Blackclaw is definitely a go with the flow kinda cat, and loves everyone as long as they're cool with it.  Oh, wait.  You did see that I put day-to-day life, right?  Because in battle, the leisure turns into a thirst for war and the tang of blood on his tongue at the highest peak in the fight.  It builds up slowly, an insult here, a wounded friend there, until, just like that, the smoky black cat snaps and it's no more Mr. Nice Guy. Parents are Cherryleg and Heavyflight, Littermate to Brindleheart, Palepaw, Coalkit, Flamepelt, and Fogmoon. Mate to Flashfire. (Tom)
Flamepelt: Ginger tom. Flamepelt is adventurous. He likes to explore, and to hunt. He tries to be nice to new cats, but often he drives cats away because he is a bit greedy. Always  trying to take the biggest piece of fresh-kill, and often getting punished for it. He is obedient, but doesn't really know how to act on his own. Parents are Cherryleg and Heavyflight, Littermate to Brindleheart, Blackclaw, Palepaw, Coalkit, and Fogmoon. (Tom)
Fogmoon: Gray she-cat. Fogmoon is spurred on by her loyalty and willingness to her clan. She is somewhat stubborn and rather headstrong, normally the one to take chances. Because of her gentle nature, she does not believe in fighting but will if she has to. She is also adventurous, and likes water. She cares deeply for the other cats in her clan and would give her life for the clan if she had to. Parents are Cherryleg and Heavyflight, Littermate to Brindleheart, Blackclaw, Palepaw, Coalkit, and Flamepelt. (She-Cat)
Leafnettle: Brown and cream tabby tom. Leafnettle does not trust newcomers. He pays attention to every move, sound, and sight in the forest. Assertive doesn't even begin to cover how paranoid he is about everything. though when he feels that he is safe, he does find fun. Parents are Berrystripe and Briarflower, Littermate to Egglily. (Tom)
Egglily: Cream tom. Egglily is very active, and friendly. He hunts quite a lot, and enjoys his time in the wilderness. He is fond of water, and loves to go for random swims by himself. He is very loyal to all of his old and new friends. Parents are Berrystripe and Briarflower, Littermate to Leafnettle. (Tom)
Leafclaw: Light brown tabby she-cat. Leafclaw respects others to a certain extent, whether they are a kit or an elder and has a fairly regal attitude. She will ignore others if they irritate her, but she's far fom a pushover when fighting. Mate to Brightstar. (She-Cat)
Owlface: Brown and white tom. Owlface is one cool customer. Always calm, collected, and elegant. Though he has a subtle sense of humor, he's also intimidating in battle, to even the toughest warrior. A perfectionist above all else. He can be a cold and calculating criminal mastermind who never admits defeat and thinks of cat lives as simple pawns in his game. He usually never reverts to the latter personality, but when he does, blood usually spills. In normal disagreement situations he is smug, precise, and unrelenting. He has a short temper, enjoys bullying cats, and when he gets really mad he roars at cats to shut them up. Parents are Birdblaze and Blossomclaw, Littermate to Piketail, Lakefur, Shimmerwhisker, Softflower, and Beetlepaw. (Tom)
Piketail: Brown tabby she-cat. She is very kind to other cats. When she battles, she gets into the heat of it. Parents are Birdblaze and Blossomclaw, Littermate to Owlface, Lakefur, Shimmerwhisker, Softflower, and Beetlepaw. (She-Cat)
Shimmerwhisker: Night black she-cat. It is universally agreed by all who know her that she is evil through and through. Does not hesitate to kill to get what she wants, in fact, if she kills for it she seems to enjoy it all the more. Parents are Birdblaze and Blossomclaw, Littermate to Owlface, Piketail, Lakefur, Softflower, and Beetlepaw. (She-Cat)
Addertail: Small gray and white she-cat. Solemn and regal, but a brilliant hunter in SnakeClan's marsh land. Mate to Foxclaw. (She-Cat)
Sorrelpelt: Thick-pelted rust and black colored she-cat. Sorrelpelt is a lively she-cat, she is naturally bouncy and cheerful, and is misfortune strikes, she is able to laugh it off. Sorrelpelt doesn't often get angry, just sad, but has a short attention span and is easily distracted, though not so much in hunting. She hates to be undermined, but usually hides her annoyance. She cannot hold a grudge, especially against her friends, and delights in teaching others things they are interested in. She strongly believes that others should stand up for themselves, but doesn't always do so herself. Mate to Toadheart. (She-Cat)
Softflower: White and golden tabby tom. Most cats would describe him as a sweet, shy, quiet tom who is always off by himself and pays almost no attention to what is said to or about him. On the contrary, he has sharp eyes and ears and hears/sees a good deal more than he lets on. In fact, he is aware of nearly everything. If you were to ask him-not that anybody would-where a particular cat was, he could tell you the last time he saw him, where he was headed, and where he likely was now. Not dull-witted at all, although some cats consider him to be. Parents are Birdblaze and Blossomclaw, Littermate to Owlface, Piketail, Lakefur, Shimmerwhisker, and Beetlefern. (Tom)
Flameface: Jet black she-cat. Fierce, loyal and amazingly brave, she will do anything for her clan. Beware though, she has quite a temper and will not speak unless it is necessary. She's a bit of a loner, but she will never leave her clan. Mate to Runningpelt. (She-Cat)
Beetlefern: Golden tabby tom. Most cats would say that he is always into something. Always trying to be the center of attention, or at least getting some attention. Loves to play and make friends, has occasionally been scolded for playing when he should be working. Parents are Birdblaze and Blossomclaw, Littermate to Owlface, Piketail, Lakefur, Shimmerwhisker, and Softflower. (Tom)
Tigerheart: Dark brown tabby tom. Acts shy and sweet to get what he wants, or even scared. Tigerheart is a rather nasty cat, and it takes a lot to get him to trust another cat, especially she-cats. Once he trusts someone though, he'll be quite loyal for them. He does however, respect those older and bigger then him. Parents are Brightstar and Leafclaw, Littermate to Willowegg, Onewing, Clawpool, Ivoryfur, and Fishpoppy. (Tom)
Willowegg: Very pale gray she-cat. Willowegg is a nice, creative, and fun cat, but she has some major mood swings. She could be having the best day ever, but ruin it over some silly incident. She has big trouble managing her anger. She often feels she has no one to talk to with. She bottles up her little feelings about small problems, but sometimes they just explode out of her. Parents are Brightstar and Leafclaw, Littermate to Tigerheart, Onewing, Clawpool, Ivoryfur, and Fishpoppy. (She-Cat)
Onewing: Pale gray tom. Onewing is nice and is loyal to his friends and his Clan. He fights viciously and will do anything he can to win a battle. He loves attention and can sometimes be obnoxious. He is well-behaved and is slow to anger. Parents are Brightstar and Leafclaw, Littermate to Tigerheart, Willowegg, Clawpool, Ivoryfur, and Fishpoppy. (Tom)
Clawpool: Brown she-cat. Clawpool is bold, very bold and is not afraid to speak her mind, but she knows when to keep her mouth shut. She also likes violence and every time she goes into battle, she always aims to kill another cat, getting disappointed when she doesn’t kill. Despite this though, she is an easy cat to get along with, but only to those she knows unless of course she just doesn’t like you, then she’ll just ridicule you. It’s very hard to gain Clawpool’s respect, but once you get it, she’ll stand by your side for life. Parents are Brightstar and Leafclaw, Littermate to Tigerheart, Willowegg, Onewing, Ivoryfur, and Fishpoppy. (She-Cat)
Ivoryfur: Blue-gray tabby she-cat. Oh, just your average she-cat, you know? I like to be happy and keep myself groomed. Some people say I'm a bit conceited, but I just like to think highly of myself. I mean, if I don't at least do that, who in their right mind would? I'm pretty happy and go-lucky. I love my friends and family. Parents are Brightstar and Leafclaw, Littermate to Tigerheart, Willowegg, Onewing, Clawpool, and Fishpoppy. (She-Cat)
Fishpoppy: Gray she-cat. Fishpoppy is somewhat of a queer cat. She absolutely loves to play with water; something that does not go along with the typical traits of a SnakeClan cat. She's the okay-sort of cat, but sometimes, her out-of-place comments can make others infuriated with the gray she-cat. Apart from her badly-timed words, Fishpoppy also unknowingly insults cats because of her straightforward personality. She's tried to think first before speaking, but sadly, that has failed. Parents are Brightstar and Leafclaw, Littermate to Tigerheart, Willowegg, Onewing, Clawpool, and Ivoryfur. (She-Cat)
Wetheart: Gray tabby she-cat. Wetheart has a very sick mind. She is a cruel cat, and will not rest until she gets what she wants. Parents are Foxclaw and Addertail, Littermate to Mistytooth. (She-Cat)
Mistytooth: Dark gray she-cat.  She is diplomatic, but will fight if she must. Though diplomacy is useful she will defend what she thinks she must fiercely. Parents are Foxclaw and Addertail, Littermate to Wetheart. (She-Cat)
Mosswing: White she-cat. Mosswing is incredibly loyal and a cheerful kind of she-cat. She isn't very ruthless, and can only injure, not kill, it would hurt her too much as well as her victim. She is sweet-natured and thoughtful, and respects all the cats in the clans, from the smallest kit to the wisest elder. Mate to Tornwhisker. (She-Cat)
Sharpbird: Dark ginger she-cat. Sharpbird is small, smart, cunning, and deadly. She uses her wits in tight situations, which usually makes things go the way she wants. The dark ginger she-cat has a different way of looking at things then other cats. She believes that if you do not fight to live, the you are not living at all. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, no matter if it might hurt the cat she is saying it to. Parents are Toadheart and Sorrelpelt, Littermate to Ebonywhisker and Bounceclaw. (She-Cat)
Ebonywhisker: Striking black tom. Ebonywhisker absolutely loves to play. In his mind, everything in his realm is his plaything. Parents are Toadheart and Sorrelpelt, Littermate to Sharpbird and Bounceclaw. (Tom)
Berryfur: Cream-colored she-cat. Berryfur may come off as the shy type, but that isn't the case. Once you get to know her, you learn that she can be controlling, and likes to play mind games. Parents are Runningpelt and Flameface, Littermate to Liontail, Breezekit, Reedear, Snowflight, and Islandkit. (She-Cat)
Liontail: Golden tabby tom. Extremely stand-offish at times, but can be sweet and caring when he feels the need. Other cats can read Lionpaw like an open book, and sometimes that is used against him. He is a fierce fighter with lots of enthusiasm, but his hunting skills are rather lacking. Parents are Runningpelt and Flameface, Littermate to Berryfur, Breezekit, Reedear, Snowflight, and Islandkit. (Tom)
Reedear: Black tom. Reedear can be a tender and caring cat. He'll worry like a medicine cat for the wounded. Not only that, but he'll worry like a queen for his family and friends. But if you threaten him or pose as a threat to his family and friends, then he is fierce and dangerous. Parents are Runningpelt and Flameface, Littermate to Berryfur, Liontail, Breezekit, Snowflight, and Islandkit. (Tom)
Snowflight: Longhaired white tom with ginger patches. Snowflight is an outgoing cat. He is very talkative, and can sometimes be slightly annoying. Snowflight is very considerate though, even though he is very talkative. He can see when any cat needs to be left alone, and will leave them alone immediately. He is best at cheering other cats up because he is a very positive cat all the time. Snowflight is rarely seen depressed or gloomy, unless something very serious has happened, for example, a family member or a close friend that has died. Parents are Runningpelt and Flameface, Littermate to Berryfur, Liontail, Breezekit, Reedear, and Islandkit. (Tom)
Pebblesky: Dark ginger tom. Over-protective and rather temperamental when it comes to protecting loved ones and close friends, he might be the warm touch on your shoulder when the rest of the world has turned on you. Mostly, he is calm and a fun friend to have around. He is passionate, and loving. Parents are Tornwhisker and Mosswing, Littermate to Mallowclaw, Pouncekit, and Sneezedew. (Tom)
Mallowclaw: White she-cat. A loyal cat that has a short temper. She can get angry fast and attacks quickly. She thinks friends are a weakness. Parents are Tornwhisker and Mosswing, Littermate to Pebblesky, Pouncekit, and Sneezedew. (She-Cat)
Sneezedew: Dark ginger tom. He believes that he should stand up for what is right. He is nice and kind. He can be grumpy and is careless. Parents are Tornwhisker and Mosswing, Littermate to Pebblesky, Mallowclaw, and Pouncekit. (Tom)
Birchear: Brown and white tom. Birchear has quite a varied personality. (Tom)
Thrushheart: Gray tabby she-cat. A cat with the gentle  touch of heart, and a fierce attitude. Mate to Fangheart. (She-Cat)
Hailpelt: Thick-pelted gray she-cat. I am very sensitive to criticism,  but I am a good fighter. Parents are Fangheart and Thrushheart, Littermate to Bluenettle, Archfur, Coyotefall, Waterleaf, and Redcloud. (She-Cat)
Bluenettle: Blue-gray she-cat. I am not very good looking as cats go,  but I would never intentionally hurt another. Parents are Fangheart and Thrushheart, Littermate to Hailpelt, Archfur, Coyotefall, Waterleaf, and Redcloud. (She-Cat)
Archfur: Gray tabby tom. I tend to get in trouble a lot,  but I am smart and clever. Parents are Fangheart and Thrushheart, Littermate to Hailpelt, Bluenettle, Coyotefall, Waterleaf, and Redcloud. (Tom)
Coyotefall: Pale silver tom. Coyotefall is an argumental, selfish, self-centered, ignorant, fiesty tom. He has the guts to speak out when he believes it is necessary. He is sweet with kits and as he ages he becomes less arguemental, but he always has that fiery gleam in his eyes. If you want a battle, he will give you a battle. Parents are Fangheart and Thrushheart, Littermate to Hailpelt, Bluenettle, Archfur, Waterleaf, and Redcloud. (Tom)
Waterleaf: Blue-gray she-cat. I am a daydreamer and cannot concentrate long on anything,  but I can tell an amazing story. Parents are Fangheart and Thrushheart, Littermate to Hailpelt, Bluenettle, Archfur, Coyotefall, and Redcloud. (She-Cat)
Redcloud: Ginger tabby she-cat. I am a brave, kind, and loving she-cat and I always try as hard as I can. I'm not perfect but I am very loyal to my clan. I am very fast and I am not only a great hunter but I am also a great fighter. Parents are Fangheart and Thrushheart, Littermate to Hailpelt, Bluenettle, Archfur, Coyotefall, and Waterleaf. (She-Cat)
Bumbletail: White she-cat with ginger patches. Hard-core and loving, she is a she-cat that everyone either hates or loves. She is tough, outgoing, and always wants to prove herself worthy of being a SnakeClan warrior. She has a bad habit of flicking her tail and licking her nose. She is often found alone looking over the river or thunderpath. Mate to Crookedpelt. (She-Cat)
Thrushtalon: Light brown tabby tom.  Gentle; playful; intimate; dramatic; light-hearted; optimistic; thoughtful; indulgent. (Tom)


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