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Post  Brightstar on 8/2/2017, 12:27 pm

Apprentices of SnakeClan ChJ9Tm8

Brokenpaw: White she-cat. Kind and loving, but naive to a fault is the best way to describe Brokenpaw. Indeed, she has a very gentle nature and believes strongly in kitten-tales such as the 'power of friendship' and 'love will conquer all.' However this simplistic innocence often leads her to trusting everything one will say, often to the point where no matter how ridiculous it sounds she will go along with it. She is quite the airhead, with a dreamy look to her gaze as though she's never really fully tuned in. This makes her easy prey for jump-scares and cruel jokes, as among with this she never really bothers to listen to her surroundings. She's very nervous and easily scared, trying to be a 'big-sister' to her friends but almost always ends up hiding behind their backs. Despite this Brokenpaw is a kind friend and she does try her hardest to be alert and brave, no matter how many times her ditzy self ends up in trouble. Parents are Foxnose and Snakeclaw, Littermate to Featherpaw. Mentor is Silverwind. (She-Cat)
Featherpaw: White and black tom. He loves sunshine, flowers, and playing with his friends. Parents are Foxnose and Snakeclaw, Littermate to Brokenpaw. Mentor is Addertooth. (Tom)

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