Former ScarPride Cheetahs

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Former ScarPride Cheetahs

Post  Frostpup on 6/10/2017, 5:14 pm

Tickstripe: Golden male cheetah. Calm, quiet, keen. (Male)
Maggotcub: Golden male cheetah. Parents are Scarstar and Ambercloud, Littermate to Sugarcub and Mooncub. (Male)
Fallowsong: Golden male cheetah. Charming, charismatic, flirty. (Male)
Scarstar: Golden male cheetah. Scarstar is plain, he is not complex; he is smart but not wise. Often he will be praised for his intelligence, he likes to be involved in politics and healing, anything that he can get into, he will. He likes praise and often seeks attention, though more quietly. Deputy: Hollypelt (Hollystar) (Male)


StarClan: Scarfire
StarPride: Scarstar
ToothPack: Frostpup


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