Leaders of DuskPride

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Leaders of DuskPride

Post  Timberstar on 6/1/2017, 10:00 pm

Timberstar: Dark golden female leopard. Timberstar is a dreamer and loves life. She dreams of traveling and seeing the world and meeting new animals. She also would like to become a mother before she is too old. Her mind is always teaming with thoughts and ideas.  Parents are Duskstar and Daisyheart, Littermate to Birdcub, Iceclaw, Bluefoot, Wolfpaw, and Hurricanepaw. Lives Left: 5. (Female)

Shadowfoot: Golden female leopard with a bright pink nose. I can't hunt very well, but I am a very good tree climber. (Female)

Medicine Leopard(s):
Darkclaw: Dark golden female leopard with a white underbelly. She is mean and grumpy. If you try to get to know her, she can be caring and sweet. She is very brave and loyal. She will fight to the death for her friends. She also has an emotional side. Parents are Duskstar and Poplarcloud, Littermate to Frostfur and Runningtail. (Female)
Hurricanepaw: White female leopard. Hurricanepaw prefers to keep to herself, spending most of her time alone or with a good friend. She enjoys nature and can often be found outside studying the veins of a leaf or watching a butterfly flutter by. Hurricanepaw often takes catnaps at sunhigh and around lunchtime -- when she eats a few frogs and fish at midday. When she's feeling very daring or angry, she'll climb a high tree and shout random things at the leopards in the other prides. Parents are Duskstar and Daisyheart, Littermate to Birdcub, Iceclaw, Bluefoot, Wolfpaw, and Timberstar. Mentor is Darkclaw. (Female)

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