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Warriors of DuskPride

Post  Timberstar on 6/1/2017, 9:58 pm

Senior Warriors:
Bluefoot: Pale golden male leopard. Bluefoot is easy to upset, he's what you would call 'a big baby'. Though this leopard is super easy to anger, he has a rather short temper thus leads to him having a rather hot head. Parents are Duskstar and Daisyheart, Littermate to Birdcub, Iceclaw, Wolfear, Hurricanepaw, and Timberpaw. (Male)
Wolfear: White female leopard. Wolfear honestly would rather peace but she loves to fight as well. Though this leopard has promised that she would never kill if it could be avoided.  Parents are Duskstar and Daisyheart, Littermate to Birdcub, Iceclaw, Bluefoot, Hurricanepaw, and Timberpaw. (Female)
Firtail: Lean light golden female leopard. I am impatient with other leopards and can be overly critical of them, but I would never intentionally hurt another. (Female)
Fernfall: Pale golden male leopard. He has problems with seeing himself truly; his self-image is greatly distorted.  He thinks of himself as much weaker than he really is, and is often flustered when someone points out his flaws.  Though he is emotionally weak, he is not as easily shatter-able as he thinks he is.  Even so, his insecurities do more harm than good, as he battles his empathy and drags himself down into despair at his perceived weakness.  Most of his pain is self-inflicted, though Fernfall has not intended for it to be this way. His self-delusions stretch far enough to conceal his own self-inflicted agony--after all, it's impossible to understand oneself when one rejects part of their own mind. Parents are Duskstar and Firtail, Littermate to Squirrelcub, Tawnyfrog, and Whiskerear. (Male)

Tawnyfrog: Pale golden male leopard. A leopard like Tawnyfrog himself is hard to understand. Whilst seeming happy and cheerful, he can be seething angry inside, and vice-versa. He is good at not showing his emotions, thus sometimes coming of as a cold or heartless leopard, but on the inside, he is a very sweet male who, if he had one, would do anything for his mate. Parents are Duskstar and Firtail, Littermate to Squirrelcub, Fernfall, and Whiskerear. (Male)
Whiskerear: Bright golden female leopard. Whiskerear is a very two-sided leopard, saying things to her own advantage when she doesn't really mean them and also saying (sometimes) hurtful thing she does mean. She is an extremely blunt and honest leopard when it comes to talking to other cats, and this has got her in past arguments. Parents are Duskstar and Firtail, Littermate to Squirrelcub, Fernfall, and Tawnyfrog. (Female)
Snowleaf: Deep golden female. Snowleaf is quiet and alert. Parents are Limestar and Dapplewing, Littermate to Tallcub, Butterflypaw, Gingerpaw, Blossompaw, and Owlpaw. (Female)
Spiketail: Golden spotted female leopard. In a constant state of "wtf?" zero patience, sarcastic, lazy. (Female)

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