Leaders of DawnClan

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Leaders of DawnClan

Post  Lilystar on 4/23/2017, 5:21 pm

Lilystar: Ginger tom. Lilystar is the kind of cat that is never serious. He is playful and sarcastic, and teases every cat. He is hyper and runs around, never slowing to a walk. Lilystar is clumsy, however, and never stays on his paws very long. Lilystar enjoys playing with apprentices and kits, and they typically love him. Mate to Sparkfur. Lives Left: 6. (Tom)

Shadesmoke: Black she-cat. Shadesmoke is loyal and faithful to any of her relationships and I mean she's committed, she values life long commitment with her partners. Commitment is a very important in a relationship as well as trust. A relationship has to be built on trust that's the foundation of every relationship with her. Even if you did something as like cheat on her she would be deeply hurt and really upset she would talk it out with you to understand why. Parent is Cleartail, Littermate to Lionwing, Mudstorm, and Lilacleg. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cat(s):
Mudstorm: Brown she-cat. Being a very caring cat she loves to help out with anything she can. Parent is Cleartail, Littermate to Lionwing, Shadesmoke, and Lilacleg. (She-Cat)
Sunear: Tortoiseshell she-cat. When dealing with loss, it creates a gaping hole in Sunear's existence that she cannot hide. If it's someone close to her who she's losing, she won't stop thinking about them for quite a while, things that she could have done to avoid that loss. Who she could've been for that cat to be better, what's going to happen now that they're gone. She's reduced to nothing. Parents are Tigerfrost and Jaynose, Littermate to Rowanpaw, Rubypaw, Dreampaw, Coldpaw, and Wingpaw. Mentor is Mudstorm. (She-Cat)


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