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Warriors of DawnClan

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Senior Warriors:
Applefoot: Black tom. Applefoot is a fun loving, free spirit who will always speak his mind. He is extremly stubborn and determined and because of that, his pride is huge. Applefoot doesn't flaunt it though because he is very humble. Mate to Twobird. (Tom)
Lilyfoot: Dark brown tom. He is innocent and vulnerable.  He hasn't been exposed to the knowledge of an "enemy" yet.  Lilyfoot has a strong mind and looks can be deceiving.  He may be innocent and vulnerable, but he is adventurous and brave. Mate to Starpelt. (Tom)
Tigerfrost: Black and white tom. Tigerfrost has a very, murderous personality. He is unknown to others, always on the hunt to cause some trouble and by trouble he means killing. This cat isn't the kind to be giving mercy, heck he could be killing a kit and he wouldn't give a rat's tail! Tigerfrost is also very short-tempered and tends to challenge anyone that gets in his way. Mate to Jaynose. (Tom)
Ravenscar: Brown tom. Ravenscar is a force to be reckoned with. His bad temper and flirtatious attitude always gets him in trouble but he manages to get the ladies, too. Mate to Soulfoot. (Tom)
Dreamclaw: Light brown tabby tom. There's always that little need for revenge that sits in the back of his mind, building up until someone throws him over the edge. Dreamclaw passes himself off as someone who's very calm, cool, and collected, this little cat has a boiling temper that's sure to show if someone pisses him off enough. He usually chooses the physical violence route instead of using his words, seeing that he's not the most quick-witted feline in the forest. In fact, he always embarrasses himself when attempting to tell someone off. Mate to Halfpelt. (Tom)
Spiritfur: Dark gray tom. Simply put, Spiritfur is a perfectionist. Mate to Silentfur. (Tom)
Mousewillow: Mottled brown and ginger tom. He has a bitter personality because of his looks. (Tom)
Nightheart: Dark brown tabby tom. Nightheart doesn't like when his authority is questioned, he is keen to protect his own, but cannot stand when an outsider comes into their midst. (Tom)
Smokebird: Cream and gray tom. When he is happy he is all crazy and hyper, as if he were a 3 moon old kit! Smokebird is an easily get frustrated or sad cat, though. When angry he always shoves everyone away and goes into hiding. He does the same when sad also, but more I would say, emotional. (Tom)
Cleartail: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Cleartail's extremely stubborn, making it easy for her to hold grudges and irritate other DawnClanners. (She-Cat)

Spiritbeetle: Ginger tom. Spiritbeetle is feisty and has an attitude. (Tom)
Aquapelt: Brown tabby she-cat. She likes flowers, kind cats, hunting, snow, and her friends. Parent is Silentfur, Littermate to Foxeye and Skyfoot. (She-Cat)
Foxeye: Dark red-orange she-cat. Foxeye hates bullies, nofurs, demanding cats, and water. Parent is Silentfur, Littermate to Aquapelt and Skyfoot. (She-Cat)
Skyfoot: Silver tabby she-cat. She is good at hunting, speed, and being stealthy. She is also is good at being loyal. Parent is Silentfur, Littermate to Aquapelt and Foxeye. (She-Cat)
Sparkfur: Mottled brown she-cat. Sparkfur is a force not to be reckoned with; for she's one hell of a cat. She's always has her guard on, and hates ones who throw pity parties for themselves. Mate to Lilystar. (She-Cat)
Twobird: Pure white she-cat. Twobird is kind and kit-like. Her mischievous nature might get her into trouble, but she means no harm. Twobird likes to run and play with kits. She knows that growing up is hard, so she pushed the concept of mental, spiritual growing up away, and focuses on being young and free. Mate to Applefoot. (She-Cat)
Lilacleg: Lilac bengal tom. Lilacleg, when he's angry he gets angry.  Parent is Cleartail, Littermate to Lionwing, Mudpaw, and Shadesmoke. (Tom)
Coyotewing: Golden spotted she-cat. Taking matters into her own hands...Or rather paws, is one of the things that Coyotewing does best. She doesn't flail or freak out in situations in which she has to deal with herself but rather takes the initiative and does what she needs to. Parents are Lilystar and Sparkfur, Littermate to Stonewhisker, Blossomfrost, and Blazemole, and Ryefoot. (She-Cat)
Stonewhisker: Silver tom. Changing opinions is actually a task that he enjoys to undertake, after all if persuading somebody into giving him the last piece of tasty mouse morsel then why not do it? This tom will pick up and store information everywhere he goes for further use, and in the end use it to his advantage to change minds. Whether it be through bribery, words, actions, or all of the above he has a special craft for persuasion and can have some wrapped around his paw in a manner of seconds. Parents are Lilystar and Sparkfur, Littermate to Coyotewing, Blossomfrost, Blazemole, and Ryefoot. (Tom)
Blossomfrost: Dark gray tom. Blossomfrost's head is not stuck up in the stars or clouds or lala land. Instead his mind is a rather harsh-reality checker that will promptly shoot down anything considered ridiculous or far-fetched. Parents are Lilystar and Sparkfur, Littermate to Coyotewing, Stonewhisker, Blazemole, and Ryefoot. (Tom)
Blazemole: Dark red tabby she-cat.  Brutally honest to be exact. This she-cat won't feed you bull and is very upfront when it comes to her words. It is truth that some might view her as rude but to her she is saying the everything that needs to be said. Sugarcoating or not she will spill out the truth whether it has a harsh stinging bite or not. This isn't to say she can't keep a secret, no her honesty is majorly played on the fact that if you look horrid one day then rely on her to tell you. Parents are Lilystar and Sparkfur, Littermate to Coyotewing, Stonewhisker, Blossomfrost, and Ryefoot. (She-Cat)
Ryefoot: Ginger tom. Ryefoot is always flippin' right, okay? Raring for an ongoing spicy argument that could actually take weeks to finally go away? You've come to the right place. Parents are Lilystar and Sparkfur, Littermate to Coyotewing, Stonewhisker, Blossomfrost, and Blazemole. (Tom)
Snowspider: Chocolate smoke tabby she-cat. Snowspider is a stubborn cat who can be somewhat helpful. She believes that cats should do whatever they think is right but be prepared that others will disagree with them. Most of the time she won't talk about herself and comes off as boring, Snowspider would rather listen to others and their problems. The she-cat can lose her temper when you push her around, she will usually walk away from you if she doesn't then watch out. Snowspider likes to spend time with her friends but is too prideful to ask them to stay. Parents are Applefoot and Twobird, Littermate to Shadowshade. (She-Cat)
Starpelt: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Starpelt is considered distant, and intensely focused. Mate to Lilyfoot. (She-Cat)
Starleopard: Golden she-cat. Starleopard always thinks about the logic behind everything and is incredibly intelligent. (She-Cat)
Jaynose: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Jaynose tends to get lost in her imagination a lot. Mate to Tigerfrost. (She-Cat)
Snakeblaze: Gray tom. Intelligent and kind. (Tom)
Cinderstorm: Dark gray she-cat. Despite the seemingly amusing facade she puts on, Cinderstorm is quite pessimistic but also somewhat realistic. Parents are Lilyfoot and Starpelt, Littermate to Fernplum, Aspenegg, Midnightwatcher, Blackwhisker, and Heatherflower. (She-Cat)
Fernplum: Pale gray tom with darker flecks. Fernplum is rebellious, clever, protective over friends/loved ones, naturally a leader but will let others lead, and he's quite flirty. Despite all of his negative traits, Fernplum is very gentle, but can sometimes be ignorant. Parents are Lilyfoot and Starpelt, Littermate to Cinderstorm, Aspenegg, Midnightwatcher, Blackwhisker, and Heatherflower. (Tom)
Aspenegg: Light golden she-cat. Aspenegg can be impatient at times, making her easily agitated. She is also a daredevil, willing to do anything and risk anything. Sometimes, she can be indecisive, and it's hard for her to be forgiving. Parents are Lilyfoot and Starpelt, Littermate to Cinderstorm, Fernplum, Midnightwatcher, Blackwhisker, and Heatherflower. (She-Cat)
Midnightwatcher: Black tom. When Midnightwatcher talks, he's very articulate, but can sometimes be awkward. Parents are Lilyfoot and Starpelt, Littermate to Cinderstorm, Fernplum, Aspenegg, Blackwhisker, and Heatherflower. (Tom)
Blackwhisker: Black smoke she-cat. Blackwhisker is a gentle, nurturing soul, yet she hates it when cats underestimate her. She is always willing to help those in need, despite her tiny smidge of attitude. When Blackwhisker does things, she does them with passion and entirety. She is sincere, but if lying is necessary, she will commit to such an act. Despite her kind nature, Blackwhisker tends to get impatient at times. Parents are Lilyfoot and Starpelt, Littermate to Cinderstorm, Fernplum, Aspenegg, Midnightwatcher, and Heatherflower. (She-Cat)
Heatherflower: Silver tom. Defiant, gentle, committed, headstrong, independent, loyal, overprotective, stealthy. Parents are Lilyfoot and Starpelt, Littermate to Cinderstorm, Fernplum, Aspenegg, Midnightwatcher, and Blackwhisker. (Tom)
Soulfoot: Gray she-cat with black feet. This she-cat loves to talk, any conversation is a good conversation. Soulfoot babbles on about life and everything else and she loves to reveal juicy gossip and secrets. Mate to Ravenscar. (She-Cat)
Rowancloud: Black and white tom. Dependable, loyal, strong, bold, sweet, heroic, kind, respectful. Parents are Tigerfrost and Jaynose, Littermate to Rubypaw, Dreampaw, Coldpaw, Wingpaw, and Sunpaw. (Tom)
Halfpelt: Cream she-cat. She is a lonely and quiet she-cat. Her temper isn't bad at all. When sad she tends to be even more lonely. Halfpelt's personality some times changes. Like when she is all sad, she may become all happy and excited all of a sudden. When angry she can become hostile towards others. Mate to Dreamclaw. (She-Cat)
Palecloud: Black she-cat. Palecloud is independent and loves knowing that she can take care of herself and those she cares about. Sometimes she distances herself from cats because she doesn't want to get hurt, but a few persistence cats have made their way through the wall around her heart and become cherished friends to her. Palecloud has a strong since of social justice and does not take things laying down. She will not tolerate anything she perceives as an injustice and isn't afraid to speak her mind. To unknowing cats think she comes off as abrasive and maybe even a little snobbish, but get to know her and she is as gentle as a kitten. Many cats stay away from Palecloud and have a generally unpleasant opinion of her, or not one at all. Mate to Shadowshade. (She-Cat)


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