Queens and Kits of DawnClan

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Queens and Kits of DawnClan

Post  Lilystar on 4/23/2017, 12:31 pm

Halfpelt: Cream she-cat. She is a lonely and quiet she-cat. Her temper isn't bad at all. When sad she tends to be even more lonely. Halfpelt's personality some times changes. Like when she is all sad, she may become all happy and excited all of a sudden. When angry she can become hostile towards others. Mate to Dreamclaw. (She-Cat)
Palecloud: Black she-cat. Palecloud is independent and loves knowing that she can take care of herself and those she cares about. Sometimes she distances herself from cats because she doesn't want to get hurt, but a few persistence cats have made their way through the wall around her heart and become cherished friends to her. Palecloud has a strong since of social justice and does not take things laying down. She will not tolerate anything she perceives as an injustice and isn't afraid to speak her mind. To unknowing cats think she comes off as abrasive and maybe even a little snobbish, but get to know her and she is as gentle as a kitten. Many cats stay away from Palecloud and have a generally unpleasant opinion of her, or not one at all. Mate to Shadowshade. (She-Cat)

Oakkit: Brown tom. Conscientious | Kind. Parents are Dreamclaw and Halfpelt, Littermate to Beekit and Frecklekit. (Tom)
Beekit: Dark brown tabby tom. Restless | Sensitive | Uninhibited. Parents are Dreamclaw and Halfpelt, Littermate to Oakkit and Frecklekit. (Tom)
Frecklekit: Speckled golden she-cat. Sly | Overbearing | Manipulative. Parents are Dreamclaw and Halfpelt, Littermate to Oakkit and Beekit. (She-Cat)
Littlekit: Black tabby she-cat. Parents are Shadowshade and Palecloud. (She-Cat)


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