Former DawnClan Cats

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Former DawnClan Cats

Post  Whitekit-OwlClan on 3/29/2017, 10:28 pm

Dawnstar: White she-cat with gray-tipped face and paws. Dawnstar is a cat that enjoys attention, and especially loves to be praised. Lives Left: 1. (She-Cat)
Wingpaw: Black and white tom. Wingpaw's sadness is something that shouldn't be talked about much. When Wingpaw gets sad, he gets sad. Parents are Tigerfrost and Jaynose, Littermate to Rowanpaw, Rubypaw, Dreampaw, Coldpaw, and Sunpaw. Mentor is Aquapelt. (Tom)


StarClan: Dawnfur, Dawnstar
OwlClan: Whitekit


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