Former OspreyPride Ocelots

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Former OspreyPride Ocelots

Post  Ospreystar on 2/28/2017, 11:26 pm

Yellowshadow: Golden male ocelot. Yellowshadow is quiet and shy, he likes to talk to others but always in a soft voice. He is embarrassed easily and stutters when nervous. (Male)
Coconutclaw: Golden male ocelot with white tipped ears. Coconutclaw is a very childish and sassy ocelot that does his own thing and doesn't care what others think about him. In a nutshell, he is an optimistic and fun ocelot. (Male)
Crystalgrace: Golden female ocelot. Sarcastic, Detached, Stubborn, Blunt, Sharp-tongued, Dull, Pessimistic, Secretive. (Female)
Brightfeather: Golden female ocelot. Brightfeather is a bundle of energy, she can hardly keep still. (Female)


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