Former BearPride Bobcats

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Former BearPride Bobcats

Post  Whitekit-GladeClan on 1/28/2017, 5:18 pm

Basilstripe: Brown spotted male bobcat. Basilstripe is serious around pridemates, high authorities, and strangers. (Male)
Butterflytail: Spotted brown male bobcat. Butterflytail is a bobcat of few words, and even less expression. (Male)
Bearstar: Spotted brown female bobcat. If one would describe Bearstar only a trait she's mainly known as, that would be enigma. Whenever she speaks, there is something hidden behind those words, nearly does it sound like if there was something important she wasn't saying, or maybe something even she's not aware of. Deputy: Diamondtail (Diamondstar) (Female)


StarClan: Bearstripe
StarPride: Bearstar
GladeClan: Whitekit


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