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Apprentices of PeacePack

Post  Peacestar on 1/26/2017, 1:08 pm

Creampaw: Tan pit bull she-dog. Creampaw is a happy go lucky she-dog who just wants to help everyone she can. The she-dog is known for her cheerful and friendly nature. Creampaw tends to be extremely loyal and by the book. The she-dog will always be there to help those who can't help themselves even if they might be from another pack. Creampaw doesn't feel it's right to let any dog die if you have a way to save them. Though Creampaw does have a bitter streak with most loners and rouges and will not be happy to have to help them. Mentor is Ashshadow. (She-Dog)
Magpiepaw: Brindle pit bull dog. Stubborn, smartass, childish. Mentor is Robinwater. (Dog)
Hawkpaw: Brindle pit bull dog. Loyal, caring, fierce. Mentor is Peacestar. (Dog)


StarClan: Peacetail
PeacePack: Peacestar


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