Apprentices of LeopardPack

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Apprentices of LeopardPack

Post  Leopardstar on 10/21/2016, 6:40 pm

Cloudedpaw: Black and white border collie she-dog. If Cloudedpaw's personality could be summed up in one word, it would be sweetheart. She loves making friends with even the most unlikely and is very against judging others, especially based on appearance. Cloudedpaw believes in forgiveness and couldn't hold a grudge longer than a day. The dog would go great lengths to help someone in need despite the danger she may be putting herself in. Mentor is Daisystorm. (She-Dog)
Garlicpaw: Gray pit bull dog. Most will think he's quiet, they may at first say he's shy. After that they'll say something about how Garlicpaw is a 'calm and collected dog'  It is not exactly correct, although it does hint at the truth. Mentor is Foxstripe. (Dog)
Foxpaw: Black and white pit bull dog. Sleeps all the time. Mentor is Thorntail. (Dog)
Thornpaw: Red terrier she-dog. No motivation. Mentor is Rowanwind. (She-Dog)
Rowanpaw: Brown and white pit bull dog. Quiet as heck. Mentor is Applepelt. (Dog)


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