Apprentices of ToothPack

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Apprentices of ToothPack

Post  Toothstar on 9/15/2016, 4:38 pm

Lonelypaw: Tan shepherd she-dog. Trustworthy, agile, lean, quick, motherly, sweet. Mentor is Ivorypelt. (She-Dog)
Shrewpaw: Tan shar-pei dog. Shrewpaw is trying to change himself to be more social and friendly. Parent is Sharkheart, Littermate to Tallpaw and Shadepaw. Mentor is Bisonpelt. (Dog)
Tallpaw: Tan shar-pei dog. Cold, hostile, hesitant, and always expects the worst. Parent is Sharkheart, Littermate to Shrewpaw and Shadepaw. Mentor is Koiear. (Dog)


StarClan: Toothfang
ToothPack: Toothstar


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