Warriors of FireClan

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Warriors of FireClan

Post  Sweetstar on 9/13/2016, 10:50 pm

Senior Warriors:
Wrenfoot: Dark brown tom. Wrenfoot is kind tom with a funny personality, he loves telling stories and jokes. But when it comes time to be serious, he can be very assertive and, well... serious. When he is in a fight, its best to keep away from it. He doesn't care who it is, as long as they are in his way and he is furious, he'll attack... Mate to Scarnose. (Tom)
Ocelotfrost: Black and white tom. Just as there are many players on a team, many characteristics make up a personality. Some work very well together- determination and naïveté, organization to the point of OCD. Others are less agreeable, like a mix of loyalty and discontent with life. Just as internal conflict can plague any team, it can too befall a cat. Mate to Reedfoot. (Tom)
Cloudscar: Brown tom. Cloudscar is a very shy cat. He's absolutely terrified of small confided spaces and large crowds. He gets weak at the knees when he's in front of a large number of cats and often stutters and may even pass out. He's not so much anti-social, not even really an introvert, he's just one to stand on the sidelines. However, once you get to know him, he's a very different cat. He'll be fun and open up to you like a book. He's a smart little cat too, he'll catch even the smallest little hint of a secret. But don't let that fool you. He's a great secret-keeper and a loyal and honest friend and clanmate. Mate to Swiftlight. (Tom)
Sixclaw: Light brown tabby tom. Why would anyone, sane or not, wish to explore an unravel the mind and attitude of this tom? Mate to Ravenberry. (Tom)
Willoweye: Cream tabby tom. Willoweye is a nervous type of fella, but yet he loves making friends and talking to cats. He loves to stay on track and help others who he can help, and hates to break the warrior code. Parents are Firestar and Whisperfur, Littermate to Swiftlight, Ravenberry, Jaggedclaw, Nightnettle, and Hazelonion. Mate to Starleaf. (Tom)
Nightnettle: Black tom. Nightnettle is a cocktail of personality traits. His most obvious and distinguished trait is his bravery. Parents are Firestar and Whisperfur, Littermate to Swiftlight, Willoweye, Ravenberry, Jaggedclaw, and Hazelonion. Mate to Acornbramble. (Tom)
Hazelonion: Light tan tom. Maybe he's a bit quick to act on his intuition. Maybe it's not right all the time. But he'll be darned if it's not pretty accurate. Parents are Firestar and Whisperfur, Littermate to Swiftlight, Willoweye, Ravenberry, Jaggedclaw, and Nightnettle. (Tom)

Sweetbird: White she-cat. Sweetbird is your average bouncy bundle of fur.  She always wants to be the center of attention and bounds around. She is very optimistic and takes every day as a new opportunity to shine. Mate to Sweetstar. (She-Cat)
Briarpelt: Tortoiseshell she-cat. You see, Briarpelt is quite shy. In a bad way. She on the outside is cold and silent, making you easily think she's about to kill you. Once you unlock her, she is fiercely protective and extremely playful. Mate to Whisperfoot. (She-Cat)
Cherrystorm: Black and white she-cat. Cherrystorm likes eating mice, hiding in shadows, and learning. Parents are Sweetstar and Sweetbird, Littermate to Lavenderpaw, Mapleonion, and Flowerpaw. (She-Cat)
Mapleonion: Silver blue she-cat. Mapleonion dislikes teasing, being the center of attention, and swearing. Parents are Sweetstar and Sweetbird, Littermate to Lavenderpaw, Cherrystorm, and Flowerpaw. (She-Cat)

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