Leaders of EmberClan

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Leaders of EmberClan

Post  Rosestar on 8/31/2016, 9:31 pm

Rosestar: Dark brown tom. Rosestar is very sweet, loving, and kind. Other than that, he's rude and sarcastic. He's got a very funny and unique personality. He only gets depressed after break ups, and terrible heart saddening events. Mate to Liondawn. Lives Left: 7. (Tom)

Stormbird: Black and white she-cat. Stormbird is a little moody at times. The majority of her time is spent in a pleasant, playful mood. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cat(s):
Ivorypeak: Gray tabby tom. He likes flowers, kind cats, hunting, snow, and his friends. (Tom)
Lemonpaw: Brown tabby she-cat. Lemonpaw is a fun filled she-cat that loves playing pranks on her clanmates. She is a kind-hearted and sweet cat and she cares deeply for her clan. She is a very optimistic cat who looks on the brighter side of life. Parent is Ivoryslip, Littermate to Lilysand, Lastwhisker, Firefall, Warmpaw, and Crystalpaw. Mentor is Ivorypeak. (She-Cat)


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