Queens and Cubs of WolfPride

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Queens and Cubs of WolfPride

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Brindlefur:  She is very short tempered. Brindlefur will fight anyone but friends and lions she respects if they get on her nerves. (Female)
Zebratail: Tawny lioness with amber eyes and black ear tips and tail tuft.  Zebratail is a happy go lucky lion. She's alway keeping busy with her duties or playing silly pranks on the other paws. But she listens well and is eager to become a warrior. (Female)
Rainsong: Darkly marked, almost copper colored female lion. Rainsong is proper, mysterious and calm. She never loses her temper and she is always there. Parents are Midnightstar and Leafpelt, Littermate to Talonfang. (Female)
Lightningpelt: Small tawny female with a pale face and dark ears.  This female is not what she looks like. Being small confuses lions who meet her. She is actually quite loud and boisterous. Lightningpelt talks very loudly. She is an attention hog. (Female)

Shadecub: Dark golden male lion. Throughout his life, he's always found the solitary act of hunting to be enjoyable. Parents are Woodstar and Brindlefur, Littermate to Brightcub, Darkcub, Stormcub, and Pandacub. (Male)
Brightcub: Pale golden male lion. Social situations are one of Brightcub's worst nightmares, especially those that he finds to be unbearably awkward and sometimes even physically painful. Water is another thing this lion dreads, whether it be a stream, river, or the falling rain. Parents are Woodstar and Brindlefur, Littermate to Shadecub, Darkcub, Stormcub, and Pandacub. (Male)
Darkcub: Golden male lion. Ignoring his fears is something that Darkcub seems to be incapable of doing; if something he really fears appears before him, he will run away without a second thought or stand there staring blankly ahead. He also has a lack of battle skills, his knowledge in that department has never been developed beyond 'do whatever you need to do to survive this attack.' Parents are Woodstar and Brindlefur, Littermate to Shadecub, Brightcub, Stormcub, and Pandacub. (Male)
Pandacub: Pale golden male lion. Pandacub is stubborn. Once he decides something there is little hope you will be able to persuade him, and if you do he won't be very happy about it. On the other hand he's very humble and rarely complains, he likes to keep his weaknesses to himself, something that his friends and family wish he wouldn't do. This is the reason why to some he's very moody, he keeps many of his darker thoughts and feelings locked up inside and only shares them with those he truly trusts. Speaking of trust, Pandacub doesn't easily trust lions. At first it may seem like he does but really he's just being nice to you. You may become his friend, but it will take a long time before he will really trust you. Parents are Woodstar and Brindlefur, Littermate to Shadecub, Brightcub, Darkcub, and Stormcub. (Male)
Meerkatcub: Tawny grey female lion with black tail tip. A very proud lion, one who's interests and ambitions are directed toward herself and the ones she is closest to. Very self sacrificing, she'd be willing to give up her life for a complete stranger. Not so much a fighter or hunter but more of a seeker; a tracker. Her nose is very sharp and can pick up any scent on a rainy day. Parents are Hawkstar and Zebratail  Littermate to Mongoosecub. (Female)
Mongoosecub Rusty male lion.  Has a dark stripe running down his back. If you had to use a word to describe Mongoosecub, it is bloodthirsty. Parents are Hawkstar and Zebratail, Littermate to Meerkatcub. (male)
Bumblecub: Bright golden female lion. Bumblecub is very nice and always acts kindly to pridemates and friends, but she has a really short temper and you do not want to get her angry. Sometimes she will say stuff she doesn't mean and will regret it when she cools off. She is very respectful and doesn't like to disobey orders especially the warrior code and her pride leader's orders. She can be very compassionate when it comes to lions in need if necessary she will take care of anyone who asks her. Parents are Midnightstar and Hawkfur, Littermate to Rowancub, Ferretcub, and Snakecub. (Female)
Rowancub: Pale golden male lion. Rowancub is somewhat grumpy and tends to stay away from crowds. He doesn't talk much, and prefers to do things by himself, but opens up to lions who he really cares about. He's strong, intense, and can be very gentle when needed. Rowancub is very mysterious, and many people don't trust him.  Parents are Midnightstar and Hawkfur, Littermate to Bumblecub, Ferretcub, and Snakecub. (Male)
Ferretcub: Dark golden female lion. Random, fun, and always talking, Ferretcub is almost always happy. She enjoys playing with lions and things, and finds all life precious. Parents are Midnightstar and Hawkfur, Littermate to Bumblecub, Rowancub, and Snakecub. (Female)
Snakecub: Golden female lion. This lion is silent by nature. Yet, she is often called evil. Told she is dark. In truth, she is the most kind and friendly lion you will meet. She will help anyone do anything. She even will risk anything to help you out. Parents are Midnightstar and Hawkfur, Littermate to Bumblecub, Rowancub, and Ferretcub. (Female)
Cindercub: Light tan lion. Cindercub is overly empathetic towards other lions it is easy for him to notice what moods they are in by behavior alone, however sometimes the emotions around him rub off on him too easily. For example, if he is in a camp where everyone is angry and stressed, he will become so as well without any real reason why. He is very curious and inquisitive, always wanting to understand everything, even the un-explainable. Although he often tries to keep an open mind, he hates it when lions insult others, especially rogues, determined that you shouldn't judge a whole by it's part. Parents are Poppystar and Hawkfur. (Male)
Brindlecub: Copper-colored male lion. Parents are Poppystar and Rainsong. (Male)


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