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Post  Graystar on 8/30/2016, 3:42 pm

Leaders of SnowPride RENv5mR

Graystar: A small yet lively soft-furred female lion. She is a very kind and sweet lion. She is always ready to defend her pride with tooth and claw, proving her loyalty. Parents are Snowstar and Waterpelt, Littermate to Firetail. Lives Left: 1. (Female)

Waterpelt: Young female lion, spots still mark all over her body and legs. Waterpelt is a very very kind lion. She is well known in her pride for settling arguments or fights, she tries to make peace where ever she goes, as long as it is in her pride. Although Waterpelt is peaceful and kind in her home turf, she is fierce in battle, she will risk her life for her pride. She adores cubs, she finds the little fluff balls so cute! (Female)

Medicine Lion(s):
Whiteadder: Small dark male with black stripe down his back. Whiteadder is a nice and friendly lion… most of the time. He has two sides to his personality. Most times he is loyal, brave and he loves to make other lions laugh. He has a big respect for his leader, and would never betray his pride. He is a naturally likeable lion, honest and open. He will never let you down. That was one side of his personality, the side that only his pridemates get to see. Parents are Midnightstar and Heatherfur, Littermate to Ottercub, Oakpaw, Sparrowpaw, Cedarpaw, and Raggedpaw. (Male)
Aspenpaw: Golden female lion. This lion is a little on the silent side, preferring to observe than spout out her opinion to others. She comes across as cold and blunt when she does open her mouth for she only speaks the truth regardless of the outcome. She is known for her blank and somewhat cold stare. She will often ignore others that show a lot of energy or are very hyper all the time. She is very serious about her pride and will defend it to the end. Parents are Midnightstar and Asptail, Littermate to Ashcub, Mothpaw, Graypaw, Duskpaw, and Foxpaw. Mentor is Whiteadder. (Female)


StarPride: Coyoteflower
SnowPride: Graystar

Leaders of SnowPride Graywing

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