Leaders of SnowPride

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Leaders of SnowPride

Post  Graystar on 8/30/2016, 3:42 pm

Graystar: A small yet lively soft-furred female lion. She is a very kind and sweet lion. She is always ready to defend her pride with tooth and claw, proving her loyalty. Parents are Snowstar and Waterpelt, Littermate to Firetail. Lives Left: 1. (Female)

Leafpetal: Dark female lion with even darker spots marking her face. A very love sick lion, she just loves being in love. Doesn't matter what happens to her as long as she's in love she's happy. Doesn't even matter if the love isn't true, because neither is she. She loves so much it kinda makes her a bit of a cheat. She can be a complete tease sometimes but she just loves to have fun and enjoy everything she can. Parents are Midnightstar and Cloverflower, Littermate to Stormpaw. (Female)

Medicine Lion(s):
Whiteadder: Small dark male with black stripe down his back. Whiteadder is a nice and friendly lion… most of the time. He has two sides to his personality. Most times he is loyal, brave and he loves to make other lions laugh. He has a big respect for his leader, and would never betray his pride. He is a naturally likeable lion, honest and open. He will never let you down. That was one side of his personality, the side that only his pridemates get to see. Parents are Midnightstar and Heatherfur, Littermate to Ottercub, Oakpaw, Sparrowpaw, Cedarpaw, and Raggedpaw. (Male)


StarPride: Coyoteflower
SnowPride: Graystar


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