Leaders of OwlClan

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Leaders of OwlClan

Post  Pepperstar on 8/26/2016, 5:42 pm

Pepperstar: White tom. This cat in particular is very shy and has low self-confidence. Parents are Skystar and Echofeather, Littermate to Shalewhisker, Narrowleg, Crystalberry, and Squeaktail. Mate to Toadpelt. Lives Left: 6. (Tom)


Medicine Cats:
Cherrymuzzle: Brown and ginger she-cat. Cherrymuzzle is a polite she-cat who will be nice to almost everyone she meets. Parents are Leafstar and Dappledtail, Littermate to Toadpelt, Frostnose, Brokenheart, and Fruitwater. (She-Cat)


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