Warriors of OwlClan

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Warriors of OwlClan

Post  Pepperstar on 8/26/2016, 5:41 pm

Senior Warriors:
Dappledtail: Small white she-cat. Dappledtail is a very aggressive, loyal she-cat. She spends all of her time hunting for her clan, and on border patrols. She doesn't interact with her clan much, but she would still risk her life for any of them. She can be very gentle, and soft sometimes. Mate to Leafstar. (She-Cat)
Squeaktail: Dark brown tom. He is gentle to all, no matter who they are, and is a good friend to others. He is quite happy and always looks on the brighter side of things, no matter how bad the situation is. Squeaktail believes that reflecting on bad will bring misery; so he refuses to do so. Parents are Skystar and Echofeather, Littermate to Pepperstar, Shalewhisker, Narrowleg, and Crystalberry. Mate to Voleivy. (Tom)
Frostnose: White tom. To his friends, Frostnose is an absolute sweetheart. He's incredibly sweet and supportive and would never make a joke at the expense of someone else. Parents are Leafstar and Dappledtail, Littermate to Toadpelt, Cherrymuzzle, Brokenheart, and Fruitwater. (Tom)

Brokenheart: Silver tabby tom. Brokenheart is a master of being cool, calm, and collected. With every word he speaks, there is really no emotion to them, unless it's anger or annoyance. Why? Emotions just get in the way of your plans, even though he really isn't evil and has no actual plans with his life. However, he doesn't want to be embarrassed about passion. Parents are Leafstar and Dappledtail, Littermate to Toadpelt, Frostnose, Cherrypaw, and Fruitwater. (Tom)
Dustheart: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Dustheart is a cat of charm. She is very smart and can easily impress cats. Parents are Leafstar and Dappledtail, Littermate to Mudflight and Barkwhisker. Mate to Berryclaw. (She-Cat)
Echofeather: A sleek blue tortoiseshell she-cat with vivid green eyes. Now, Echofeather is not what she appears to be at all. She is not loving and kind, but sly and sneaky to the core. She will manipulate a cat to do what she wants him or her to do. Once she is done with them she ether kills them in such a way that it appears like a tragic mishap, or she turns cold as ice and avoids her former friend. She has been known to charm her enemies into thinking they are safe and with a loving friend. Then, with cold malice that is known to her, she kills them and leaves their body for the crows. She has been known to play it all off like nothing ever happened or she never saw the cat. This showing that she is a skilled liar. On a rare occasion, she has been nice to a cat. This is only to get what she desires out of them. Echofeather is aggressive in her ways and her nature. She always comes off as a threat when you first meet. This is because she hates seeming soft and weak. She will attack a cat and aim to kill without any cause. Mate to Skystar. (She-Cat)
Toadpelt: Dark brown she-cat. Toadpelt is sometimes easily annoyed and she gets mad very easily. She is kind, but tends not to show it. Toadpelt likes fighting, but she won't kill unless her leader has told her or she has NO other choice. Toadpelt is one of the most loyal cats you could ever meet, although she is more devoted to her leader than the clan so sometimes that can cloud her judgement. She will never break the warrior code, Even though sometimes she questions it. She is NOT shy. In fact, Toadpelt is the opposite of shy. She wants the whole world and ALL the clans to know what she has to say. Parents are Leafstar and Dappledtail, Littermate to Frostnose, Cherrymuzzle, Brokenheart, and Fruitwater. Mate to Pepperstar. (She-Cat)
Ebonytail: Black tom. Introverted, modest, reserved, observant, intelligent, witty, friendly, sensitive, easygoing. Parents are Skystar and Echofeather, Littermate to Rosekit, Nutmegstorm, Diamondfeather, Bitterstripe, Heavyfur. (Tom)
Nutmegstorm: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat. Nutmegstorm is very serious and quiet, and she tends to exclude herself from other cats. Nutmegstorm enjoys solitude, and is very reserved and private. Nutmegstorm has extremely hard times opening up, trusting, and forgiving people. She is completely dependent on herself, but she longs for some type of companion at times. Nutmegstorm is ambitious, thorough, and detail-oriented. She has quite the mouth and temper. She is someone you definitely want to befriend, and then treat like an angel to avoid her wrath. Parents are Skystar and Echofeather, Littermate to Ebonytail, Rosekit, Diamondfeather, Bitterstripe, and Heavyfur. (She-Cat)
Diamondfeather: Blue tortoiseshell she-cat. The one thing Diamondfeather loves above all us is other cats. Diamondfeather thrives off the happiness and love of other cats. Parents are Skystar and Echofeather, Littermate to Ebonytail, Rosekit, Nutmegstorm, Bitterstripe, and Heavyfur. (She-Cat)
Bitterstripe: Blue tortoiseshell she-cat. Bitterstripe is a bit messed up at times, but usually, she is bouncy and kind. Her heart is big enough to accommodate a whole clan of friends, and she hates hurting cats when she doesn't have to. At the same time, Bitterstripe can be depressed, anti-social, and verbally abusive. Parents are Skystar and Echofeather, Littermate to Ebonytail, Rosekit, Nutmegstorm, Diamondfeather, and Heavyfur. (She-Cat)
Heavyfur: Blue tortoiseshell she-cat. Kind, bouncy, big heart. Parents are Skystar and Echofeather, Littermate to Ebonytail, Rosekit, Nutmegstorm, Diamondfeather, and Bitterstripe. (She-Cat)
Riversmoke: Silver long-furred tom. Adventurous, cheerful, childish, curious, easily distracted, empathetic, forgiving, hasty, honest, idealistic, imaginative, impulsive, obedient. Parents are Spottedear and Narrowleg. (Tom)
Owlpelt: Gray tom. Adventurous, cheerful, childish, curious, empathetic, forgetful, forgiving, hasty, idealistic, impulsive, obedient, talkative, unambitious. (Tom)
Robinfur: Black and white tom. He's extremely volatile. Parents are Peppereye and Toadpelt, Littermate to Wolfpaw and Mousepaw. (Tom)


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