Warriors of BurningClan

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Warriors of BurningClan

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Senior Warriors:
Cliffspring: Brown and white tom. Cliffspring can be brave and a daredevil at times but,  when it comes to family he is loving and most likely to be caring for them if they are sick or injured.  His intelligence guides him most of the time around bad things.  Cliffspring is cunning and also crafty when it comes to battle.   He has wonderful scent of smell and is very agile and swift-footed. He can be sarcastic and humorous in times of need and always looks at the bright side of life.  He is very loyal to his clan and would never betray them.  Cliffspring loves to be adventrous and hyper tom. Mate to Blossomtail. (Tom)
Cougartail: Dark brown tabby tom. Cougartail is loving and caring, but can be the fiercest fighter if you anger him. However, he has more patience than a rock and angering him isn't very easy. Cougartail is very protective and brave, and would do nearly anything for the ones he loves. He is very loyal as well, and always puts the needs of others before his. He loves kits and likes to help care for them. He is almost never bossy, but when he is, its for a good reason. Mate to Falcontail. (Tom)
Redpelt: Brown tom with one black ear. Redpelt is a sweet cat and he loves kits a LOT. He isn't easily annoyed. Mate to Bumblestrike. (Tom)
Burntpelt: Black tom. Burntpelt is normally irritable and quick to anger. Mate to Shatteredbeetle. (Tom)
Birdtail: Small white she-cat. First off, Birdtail is very playful, even for a cat. She loves to play-fight, she has a special technique of attacking from behind. She loves to get dirty and roll around in mud, splash around in it, all that good stuff. She has a strong fear of climbing and swimming, and never learned how to do them, nor does she want to. She also loves to meet new cats, and isn't afraid to ask them to play or be her friend. She loves to get in trouble, and loves to spy on cats for fun. She hates thunderstorms because she hates the lightning, how it flashes and the booming sound of thunder. Mate to Burningstar. (She-Cat)
Skycloud: Black she-cat. Really, Skycloud is always a sweetheart. She doesn't have an annoying personality, just a kind one that attracts toms. So, really she's always kind to her family and friends. There probably isn't a mean side either, because she should be pretty laid back. Mate to Firewhisker. (She-Cat)

Bloodwing: Black tom. Well, I do tend to be a bit bossy sometimes, when things don't go my way. Not something I'm proud of. I usually have a docile nature and I don't care for fighting all too much. I'm often calm and things don't excite me as they would someone else. But I love to give out advice to friends and family, even if it does hurt. Or if they're a stranger, everyone is a friend of mine. Parents are Burningstar and Birdtail, Littermate to Loudtooth and Frostlion. Mate to Mistlepeak. (Tom)
Whitegorse: Orange tabby tom. Whitegorse has a strict personality, and is actually rather than fun, strict about following rules of the game. He is rarely caught being cheery and kind. Whitegorse also loves to talk to she-cats. He hates breaking rules. Parents are Firewhisker and Skycloud, Littermate to Flamestorm, Hawkfire, Tangleheart, Poppystripe, and Pinesnow. Mate to Deadram. (Tom)
Hawkfire: Thick-pelted brown tabby tom. Music. He is very fond of music, and loves to listen to birds chirp. He likes to stretch out on the grass every once in a while, but is not lazy. Last, he loves working. He will never say no to something to do with his muscles or brain. Parents are Firewhisker and Skycloud, Littermate to Whitegorse, Flamestorm, Tangleheart, Poppystripe, and Pinesnow. Mate to Redmint. (Tom)
Tangleheart: Dark brown tom. He hates liars. If there is one thing in life that Tangleheart would be rid of, it's liars. Parents are Firewhisker and Skycloud, Littermate to Whitegorse, Flamestorm, Hawkfire, Poppystripe, and Pinesnow. Mate to Pinkthorn.
Poppystripe: Blue-silver tabby tom. Poppystripe is a very good fighter, not just because he's strong, because he examines his opponents very carefully. He's also always one step ahead of the game. Parents are Firewhisker and Skycloud, Littermate to Whitegorse, Flamestorm, Hawkfire, Tangleheart, and Pinesnow.  (Tom)
Pinesnow: Dark gray tom. Strong cat that isn't afraid to fight. Parents are Firewhisker and Skycloud, Littermate to Whitegorse, Flamestorm, Hawkfire, Tangleheart, and Poppystripe. (Tom)
Quickfang: Gray and white tom. He dislikes befriending cats of opposite Clans, dislikes when a clanmate injures themselves and he could have done something to prevent it, and he dislikes feeling helpless. Parents are Ocelotfur and Mistytail, Littermate to Quietstar, Clearfeather, and Shatteredbeetle. (Tom)
Shadowflower: Black tom. Shadowflower can be a warm-hearted cat at times. However, he can also be very mean and hateful. He normally keeps to himself, and doesn't talk much. He'll stand up for others, but won't stand up for himself. You can often find him by himself beside a river. He loves to swim and hunt. Parents are Cliffspring and Blossomtail, Littermate to Duskwind and Cindercloud. (Tom)
Mistytail: Very pale gray and white she-cat. Mistytail is an unfriendly and hateful cat, she greatly dislikes any interactions with anyone but herself. Mate to Ocelotfur. (She-Cat)
Creamwhisker: Light brown tabby she-cat. This she-cat's personality is also as bright and warm as the sun's rays in newleaf. Mate to Flamestorm. (She-Cat)
Falcontail: Dark gray she-cat. Falcontail isn't quiet and doesn't keep to herself.  She is wild, impassioned, and hot-tempered. She has no self-control whatsoever and is easily inflamed, causing her to do the most ruthless of things. Her emotions leak out easily, and you can know how she's feeling by just looking into her eyes, and it frustrates her more than ever. This may seem cool, but in truth it could bring her to destruction. She doesn't think before she does something she'll most likely regret.  All she knows is that she must do it to satisfy her anger and to bring justice to herself. Mate to Cougartail. (She-Cat)
Bumblestrike: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Most think that Bumblestrike would be rough and tough, able to clobber others with her paws, but this is simply not the case. Mate to Redpelt. (She-Cat)
Blossomtail: Light brown tabby she-cat. Blossomtail is a peppy, wild she-cat who hides her true self in fear of standing out. She is not angered easily and is a calm relaxed she-cat that, though she does not have friends, most would come too to help solve arguments. She has a go-with-the-flow attitude that never stops, but it also means she lets go too easily. She is kind, caring, but not very trusting to ones she is not close too. She would fight, but only for one reason, it is for what she believes is right and full of honor and justice. She is very shy; sort of like a turtle that won’t come out of it shell. Mate to Cliffspring. (She-Cat)
Clearfeather: Light gray she-cat. Clearfeather is kindhearted even if she appears rough and surly on the exterior. She cares for her clanmates deeply and she would go into a state of severe grief if ever a clanmate was injured and she could've done something to prevent it. Parents are Ocelotfur and Mistytail, Littermate to Quietfoot, Shatteredbeetle, and Quickfang. Mate to Violetfoot. (She-Cat)
Cloudpool: Black and white tom. Cloudpool has a fluid, changeable personality. (Tom)
Lightningheart: Black tom. Lightningheart is very independent and relies on no one. (Tom)
Dodgeclaw: Dark brown tabby tom. Dodgeclaw is a little insane in the membrane... he is nice and clean but he is all very stubborn, he is a very flirtatious cat that has a lot of thoughts about she-cats which doesn't make him the best cat ever. His main priority in life is to...we'll just skip that part. Parents are Cougartail and Falcontail. (Tom)
Windfoot: Brown tabby she-cat. Sarcastic and teenage like, will do anything to have some fun. Parents are Cliffspring and Blossomtail, Littermate to Pinkthorn, Dovecloud, Lastbrook, Floatclaw, and Clearshade. (She-Cat)
Dovecloud: Cream and white tabby tom. Joker, flirt with no intentions to actually have a relationship, plays around too much and can't be trusted with an important situation. Parents are Cliffspring and Blossomtail, Littermate to Pinkthorn, Windfoot, Lastbrook, Floatclaw, and Clearshade. (Tom)
Lastbrook: Seal point she-cat. Extremely stubborn. Parents are Cliffspring and Blossomtail, Littermate to Pinkthorn, Windfoot, Dovecloud, Floatclaw, and Clearshade. (She-Cat)
Floatclaw: Brown mackeral tabby tom. Floatclaw is a smart, kind, and friendly tom. He is a flirt and will often hit on she-cats he isn't related to. He is often viewed as weak and helpless. Parents are Cliffspring and Blossomtail, Littermate to Pinkthorn, Windfoot, Dovecloud, Lastbrook, and Clearshade. (Tom)
Clearshade: Black and white she-cat. Smart, kind, friendly. Parents are Cliffspring and Blossomtail, Littermate to Pinkthorn, Windfoot, Dovecloud, Lastbrook, and Floatclaw. (She-Cat)
Shatteredbeetle: Gray and white she-cat. She likes sitting alone with the stars to think, she likes to hunt since she knows she's helping her Clan, and she likes to run along the stream. Parents are Ocelotfur and Mistytail, Littermate to Quietfoot, Clearfeather, and Quickfang. Mate to Burntpelt. (She-Cat)
Briarstripe: Light gray she-cat. Moody, brooding, distant, mysterious. Parents are Violetfoot and Clearfeather, Littermate to Quickpaw, Oakpaw, Walnutpaw, and Yellowpaw. (She-Cat)
Cindercloud: Bright orange she-cat. Cindercloud is a rather frazzled cat. Very forgetful, the she-cat isn't very empathetic or aware of anything going on around her. Parents are Cliffspring and Blossomtail, Littermate to Duskwind and Shadowflower. Mate to Quietstar. (She-Cat)


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