Apprentices of WoodPride

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Apprentices of WoodPride

Post  Woodstar on 6/16/2016, 2:07 pm

Mousepaw: Spotted brown male bobcat. Mousepaw takes pride in his looks. Mentor is Dayshade. (Male)
Redpaw: Spotted brown female bobcat. Redpaw is a very lady-like type of bobcat. She respects her leaders and her pridemates and will try to do her best to provide for her pride. She's hard working but is carefree and fun-loving once the work is done. She's very humble and will become shy if someone praises her for something. Overall, Redpaw has that sweet, 'girl-next door' type of personality. Mentor is Highdapple. (Female)


StarClan: Woodear
WoodPride: Woodstar


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