Leaders of WoodPride

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Leaders of WoodPride

Post  Frecklecub on 6/14/2016, 5:44 pm


Cilantroflight: Spotted brown female bobcat. She is quite an outgoing bobcat, though she also likes to keep to herself a lot. (Female)

Medicine Bobcat(s):
Skypool: Spotted brown female bobcat. Skypool can be a bit testy as well as stubborn. She isn't afraid of anything, it may seem, and isn't very good at keeping things to herself unless it'll effect her in a negative way. (Female)
Prowlingfeather: Spotted brown male bobcat. He is short tempered but means well.. he is very loyal despite his frequent arguments with other bobcat. Mentor is Skypool. (Male)


StarClan: Woodear
StarPride: Woodstar
SmokePride: Frecklecub


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