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Post  Silentstar on 5/24/2016, 10:49 pm

Leaders of StonePride 2NJXzw9

Silentstar: Dark orange male tiger. When he was born, he made no sounds, unlike the other cubs, he just snuggled into his mother's belly and went to sleep. Hence his name, silent-. This silence stuck with him as he aged, becoming more and more noticeable. He's the quiet, suffer in silence type who doesn't let others in. Lives Left: 4. (Male)

Hawkleg: Orange male tiger. Hawkleg is fun and extremely creative, and he's always coming up with unique, original ideas. But usually he keeps quiet about it. He's also very easy going and quiet at times. Sometimes, this tiger can have a smoky attitude and other times, you just stay out of his way. (Male)

Medicine Tiger(s):
Mistpoppy: Orange female tiger. Stupid, naive, gullible. Parents are Stonestar and Kestrelfrost, Littermate to Spidernose, Minnowcub, Swallowpaw, and Birchpaw. (Female)
Thornpaw: Dark orange male tiger. Stubborn | pragmatic | observant | perceptive. Parents are Silentstar and Briarheart, Littermate to Graypaw. Mentor is Mistpoppy. (Male)

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