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Warriors of StonePride

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Senior Warriors:
Grayclaw: Orange male tiger. Grayclaw feels very out-of-place in StonePride. He loves to run, and does it whenever he can. Apart from being a little too outspoken in his opinion, Grayclaw makes a great friend and/or confident. He can keep a secret, but not very well, and will drop hints to everyone about it. He is a jokester, and isn't very good at concentrating. He is loyal to the end however, at least as far as hunting and fighting goes. (Male)
Twilightfall: Orange male tiger. To know my personality, there's one vital thing you need to know about me- I have a photographic memory. That means I have a perfect memory. It doesn't work how you would expect though- I don't just go hunting and remember that I went hunting. I remember exactly how it felt to hunt, the feel of the grass beneath my paws, the scents in the air- and I relive it, day after day. (Male)
Lightningnose: Orange male tiger. A very patient and organized tiger, most call him "A cut above the normal tiger." He is rather humble as well and pushes aside most compliments, although he will gladly accept them. (Male)
Scorchtail: Orange female tiger. Scorchtail is arrogant, prideful, and skillful. (Female)

Darkwhisker: Orange male tiger. Grouchy, rough and even a bit harsh, Darkwhisker doesn't like to beat around the bush when he disagrees with you. He'll tell you exactly what he thinks of you, and can back his word with tooth and claw. Impatient and short-fused, he tends to become irritated very quickly and then his sharp tongue starts going. For all his harshness, Darkwhisker is actually quite honorable. Loyalty and honor are very, very important to him. He protects those who are helpless with might and bravery. (Male)
Wildheart: Orange female tiger. She is shy, and loves to hunt. (Female)
Snowblaze: Orange male tiger. The tiger does not like tigers that lie to him. He also does not like those that are obsessed with themselves or those who complain about everything. (Male)
Roseleap: Orange male tiger. Roseleap is quiet, reserved, and logical. He sticks to the most logical choices, and follows a straight path of logic. (Male)
Violetcloud: Orange female tiger. Violetcloud has the personality of an angry pit viper mixed with an overprotective fox. She is very silent most of the time, and has an alluring sense to her. But get on her bad side and she'll lash out like an adder ready to strike. (Female)
Garnetstep: Orange male tiger. Known as calm, proud and collected are the three words which describe this interesting tiger. He is quiet in ways and rather mysterious to most tigers. Garnetstep tends to feel pity for others and will always try to help out. However, he can easily be tricked into doing things he did not think through properly. (Male)
Goldenpetal: Orange female tiger. A stern individual, Goldenpetal comes across as rude and uncaring in her ways but really she is just a stickler for the rules and a bit of a stoic tiger. While outwardly she never expresses much emotion she is inwardly a sincere and compassionate tiger whose love for her pride and loyalty to the code drives her to believe she can be better regardless of the situation. (Female)
Twilightpetal: Orange female tiger. Twilightpetal, at first meeting her, she's very shy and independent. (Female)
Darkfoot: Orange female tiger. Darkfoot's got a very cool air about her. She takes little nonsense, and is all around serious for the most part. She is intelligent and calculating, and often takes time to sit and observe the world, taking in all she can and adding it to her wide range of information. She's quite stony when first meeting others, and almost has a definite sense of boredom when in conversation from the start. She mellows out and brightens a little once she gets to know another. Though she seems rather blank she's always thinking and always learning. It's a good disguise, for many take her to be a bit dull at first, but she soon lets them know how wrong they are. She's not really a bad tiger, in that sort of way, but she has killed before and will do it again should she be forced to. She does not show much emotion whatsoever so it's always hard to see what's on her mind. (Female)
Rainear: Orange male tiger. He has a habit of helping others, and never helping himself. (Male)
Rushcloud: Orange female tiger. A silly but charismatic tiger, Rushcloud is a cub at heart and loves a good laugh. (Female)
Skywing: Orange female tiger. Skywing may seem sweet and innocent when you first stumble across her, but she is anything, but those two things. This little female has a lust for blood, gore, and pain. She seems to keep a tight, feisty, and rebellious personality. She is quite rude, mean, and dangerous to be around. She seems to never act so kind and tends to push everyone away. She hates about everything and anything and gets what she wants whether anyone likes it or not. She doesn't really care about hurting anything and keeps an expressionless, emotionless act and look on her. She doesn't like love either nor does she ever want to be in love. Love isn't anything she would waste her time on. She is quite hateful and only cares for herself. Though she is like this, she is very clever and can fake about anything. She doesn't care to either. She also is very revenge seeking and bloodthirsty. (Female)
Speckleflower: Orange male tiger. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. Parents are Stonestar and Rushcloud, Littermate to Deadear and Tornfur. (Male)
Deadear: Orange male tiger. Deadear is very emotional. Parents are Stonestar and Rushcloud, Littermate to Speckleflower and Tornfur. (Male)
Tornfur: Orange male tiger. Tornfur is often tense, and hates crowds. He isn't one to boast, but will gladly take any credit given to him, and can be proud of his achievements. He prefers to keep to himself and doesn't like helping others much. Tornfur thinks about things a lot before coming to a decision, and hates to be rushed.  Parents are Stonestar and Rushcloud, Littermate to Speckleflower and Deadear. (Male)
Shrewmouse: Orange female tiger.  I am a daydreamer and cannot concentrate long on anything, but I would never intentionally hurt another without a reason. Parents are Stonestar and Skywing. (Female)
Kestrelfrost: Orange female tiger. Kestrelfrost is highly known for being curious and always wanting answers.  She tends to ask a lot of questions about subjects that she knows little about to expand her knowledge.  Sometimes this comes off as rude if she asks about something more personal, but she never intends to come off like that. (Female)
Spidernose: Orange male tiger. Caring, considerate, kind, welcoming. Parents are Stonestar and Kestrelfrost, Littermate to Minnowcub, Swallowleap, Birchfern, and Mistpoppy. (Male)
Swallowleap: Orange male tiger. Confused, clueless. Parents are Stonestar and Kestrelfrost, Littermate to Spidernose, Minnowcub, Birchpaw, and Mistpoppy. (Male)
Reedstorm: Orange female tiger. Reedstorm is elusive, never seeming to stay on one subject for more than a few minutes before switching. (Female)
Birchfern: Orange female tiger. Kind, caring, adventurous. Parents are Stonestar and Kestrelfrost, Littermate to Spidernose, Minnowcub, Swallowleap, and Mistpoppy. (Female)
Leaftalon: Orange female tiger. Leaftalon is a stubborn tiger who can be somewhat helpful. She believes that tigers should do whatever they think is right but be prepared that others will disagree with them. Most of the time she won't talk about herself and come off as boring, Leaftalon would rather listen to others and their problems. Parents are Silentstar and Reedstorm, Littermate to Poppyleopard, Rosefur, and Dovefur. (Female)
Poppyleopard: Orange female tiger. Not giving up, reacts fast. Parents are Silentstar and Reedstorm, Littermate to Leaftalon, Rosefur, and Dovefur. (Female)
Rosefur: Dark orange male tiger. Prideful, can hold a grudge. Parents are Silentstar and Reedstorm, Littermate to Leaftalon, Poppyleopard, and Dovefur. (Male)
Dovefur: Dark orange male tiger. The tiger is very kind and caring, though he tends to doubt his actions. He can be very outgoing with his close friends but is a little hesitant around strangers. Parents are Silentstar and Reedstorm, Littermate to Leaftalon, Poppyleopard, and Rosefur. (Male)
Briarheart: Orange female tiger. She has an anxiety problem, wondering what others think about her, and hoping that it isn't anything unpleasant, or rude, and she just wants to be accepted for better or for worse. Though she feels like that will never happen. (Female)
Streamflight: Orange female tiger. She loves new leaf because of its unwavering beauty and bounty. (Female)
Windwillow: Dark orange male tiger. A not necessarily bright tiger who loves flowers, tranquility, and birds. Parents are Silentstar and Cinnamontail, Littermate to Gorsepaw, Dustpaw, and Mothpaw. (Male)

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