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Post  Ashstar on 5/14/2016, 5:57 pm

Leaders of HawkPride Pbucket

Ashstar: Bright orange male tiger. Ashstar is a very excited tiger pretty much all the time, especially during newleaf and greenleaf. He is very kind-hearted and loves making new friends. Even though he likes making new friends all the time, he only trusts tigers he's known for a long time or does something great for him (e.g. saving his life). Lives Left: 2. (Male)

Bravetail: Orange male tiger. Bravetail is a very proud tiger and takes pride in everything he does. He doesn't brag but you can tell by the way he asks that he is proud. The tiger speaks his mind and doesn't mind if he gets in trouble for it as long as he is respected for his opinion. Bravetail likes to talk to other tigers and get to know them and trust them. He welcomes everyone as long as they swear loyalty to HawkPride. (Male)

Medicine Tiger(s):
Frostpelt: Dark orange female tiger. She wants a purpose; its that simple. Frostpelt wants to feel needed, like she has a purpose in the circle of life somewhere out there. (Female)
Scarletsnook: Orange male tiger. The powers of persuasion that this tiger possesses are unbelievable. He can convince anyone of anything, or to do something. Parents are Hawkstar and Rubyfur, Littermate to Frostbeetle, Patchfoot, and Skyheart. Mentor is Frostpelt. (Male)

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