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Warriors of HawkPride

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Senior Warriors:
Moonwind: Orange male tiger. Moonwind is a strong independent tiger who speaks his mind. He is very protective of his pride and friends. But he tends to think he has to do everything on his own and doesn't ask for help when he needs it. In a way he's a loner. But he can be really friendly once you meet him. He just won't talk about his issues or problems. (Male)
Hamsterheart: Orange male tiger. Hamsterheart is a large, intimidating, and generally bad-tempered tiger. He has low self-esteem and struggles in social interactions with his fellow pridemates. He loves HawkPride dearly and would proudly die in battle in defense of it. He just struggles talking to tigers. He hides behind his intimidating persona. He does have a soft spot for cubs though. (Male)
Fishstripe: Orange male tiger. Fishstripe is the kind of guy other guys like to hang out with. Competitive, with a great sense of humor. Loves a good joke, and lives for a good prank. (Male)
Bluepelt: Orange male tiger. Practical and a thinker. Strategic. Usually uses head more than heart. Can make sacrifices. Normally polite and serious. (Male)
Rosewhisker: Orange male tiger. Rosewhisker is an outgoing tiger that is always willing to share. He is very friendly and tries to never be rude. Sometimes Rosewhisker can be a bit snappy with younger tigers and get annoyed easily. The calm tiger always does the best for his pride and doesn't care about the cost. Rosewhisker never expects to receive stuff in return when he does a good deed. (Male)
Darkear: Orange male tiger. Darkear is an easygoing tiger that never gets excited without good reason. He doesn't enjoy jumping into danger instead he always thinks everything through and makes sure everything is in order. Darkear usually doesn't pay attention what other tigers think about him and tries to never show off. He doesn't always seem very friendly because of his quietness but is actually a likable tiger once you get to know him. Darkear is very protective and can become very hostile when something or someone he loves is threatened. He is very vicious in battle but always does whatever he can too prevent giving a tiger serious injury resulting in death. (Male)
Shadeflower: Orange male tiger. Shadeflower seems very shy at first, rarely talking but as he becomes closer to his pridemates he opens up. He is never afraid to break rules as long as it doesn't put his pride in danger. The quiet tiger always puts his pride first, even if it means giving his own life up. Shadeflower can be very stubborn, never changing his opinion, despite the actions of the tigers around him. (Male)
Servalfur: Orange male tiger. Servalfur is not one that enjoys talking. He prefers to stay away from others, not making friends with many. Whenever someone does make him angry, he will attack. His attack style, violent like a storm, always harsh on his opponents.  He is easily known for this kind of fighting style, trying his hardest to defeat his enemies. In conclusion, Servalfur is rather silent, and much of an experienced fighter. (Male)

Boaface: Orange female tiger. Boaface is quiet and likes to keep to herself, she surrounds herself with a cloak of mystery. Despite the hostile look she carries around her she is sweet and gentle and is a complete sucker when it comes to cubs. Although she is sweet she is still one sassy tiger and is loaded with sarcasm and humor. She tries not to let things get to her and she can put on quite the façade, but in truth she is really quite sensitive and can hold a grudge for a very long time. But just because she has a gentle nature doesn't mean that she can't be aggressive. Be careful, because if you anger her or get on her bad side, she can act pretty nasty but her bite is just as bad. (Female)
Frostbeetle: Orange male tiger. Frostbeetle is a complete flirt, and he knows it. Parents are Hawkstar and Rubyfur, Littermate to Patchfoot, Skyheart, and Scarletpaw. (Male)
Patchfoot: Orange male tiger. He has an unexpected interest in astrology and loves staring at the sky. Parents are Hawkstar and Rubyfur, Littermate to Frostbeetle, Skyheart, and Scarletpaw. (Male)
Skyheart: Orange male tiger. Despite his busy lifestyle, Skyheart craves the times in his life that are quiet and sleepy. He doesn't mind busy, but a good slow-down every few weeks is what keeps him happy. Parents are Hawkstar and Rubyfur, Littermate to Frostbeetle, Patchfoot, and Scarletpaw. (Male)
Longwhisker: Orange male tiger. Though cheerful on the surface, Longwhisker is quick to anger once a negative word is said about himself, his friends and family, or his pride. There is a whole array of subjects he is liable to explode on, and once exploded he has a hard time regaining control of himself. Parents are Hawkstar and Boaface, Littermate to Barkstripe, Stoneflower, and Smokeyclaw. (Male)
Barkstripe: Orange male tiger. Though he would hate to admit it, Barkpaw likes to be the center of attention and sometimes goes out of his way to get there. Parents are Hawkstar and Boaface, Littermate to Longwhisker, Stoneflower, and Smokeyclaw. (Male)
Stoneflower: Orange male tiger. Stoneflower likes to judge others. Perhaps not in a boastful, open sort of way, but he does judge others nonetheless. Parents are Hawkstar and Boaface, Littermate to Longwhisker, Barkstripe, and Smokeyclaw. (Male)
Smokeyclaw: Orange male tiger. Whether it is as something as unimportant as taking a stroll or as life-determining as a battle to the death, one of Smokeyclaw's faults is that he is easily distracted. Much like a dog, if he sees a squirrel chances are he will chase it or mention it in some way, and if the sun is sparkling off the surface of a clear lake he'll pause in whatever hes doing just to watch. It might only be for a few moments, but the damage is done nonetheless. Parents are Hawkstar and Boaface, Littermate to Longwhisker, Barkstripe, and Stoneflower. (Male)
Honeyflower: Orange female tiger. Honeyflower is a flirt. (Female)
Stormtail: Orange female tiger. Stormtail is a little moody at times. The majority of her time is spent in a pleasant, playful mood. (Female)
Moonsong: Orange male tiger. Very intelligent. As well as very adventurous. Parents are Hawkstar and Honeyflower, Littermate to Blackpaw, Wolfpaw, Foxpaw, and Rowanpaw. (Male)

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