Leaders of SpiderClan

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Leaders of SpiderClan

Post  Toadstar on 4/29/2016, 6:16 pm

Toadstar: Cream and gray tom. Not the sharpest thorn on the bush, Toadstar is your typical strong and silent warrior.  He relies more on brute strength than on carefully planned strategies.  He's one of the less popular cats in his clan, not possessing many qualities that endear him to his clanmates.  He is not especially friendly or charming, nor is particularly social or keen on forming and maintaining friendships. Mate to Darkpelt. Lives Left: 6. (Tom)

Mothbarley: Dappled golden she-cat. It would be a mistake to just write her off as some sort of awkward, ordinary buffoon. Just beneath the surface, she's a cat of great strength and resolve, and when she has a purpose, this side of her comes out in full force. For example, although her life may not seem ambitious to some. Her choices are driven by her desire to live up as best she can. She's living her ambitions, and she's always true to them. She lives the life she does so that she can be the kind of cat who can make anyone who she cares happy. Parents are Toadstar and Darkpelt, Littermate to Rainface, Scorchstripe, Heatpaw, Hollowfur, and Blizzardflower. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cat:
Robincloud: Very small chocolate brown tabby tom. Robincloud is thoughtful, kind, and courteous. He is often very quiet, but when he speaks, cats tend to listen. (Generalization) He has a good head on his shoulders, that's for sure. He generally knows what to do, and can usually be trusted to keep calm in a crisis; and to keep everyone else calm, too. (Tom)
Lakenose: Long-haired gray and white she-cat. Lakenose lives life head first. Parent is Fallentail, Littermate to Tawnyfoot, Fallowstorm, Icejay, and Dreamdaisy. Mentor is Robincloud. (She-Cat)


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