Leaders of FrozenClan

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Leaders of FrozenClan

Post  Blazestar on 4/27/2016, 8:54 pm

Blazestar: Brown and white she-cat. Blazestar is normally calm, gentle and welcoming to new cats of FrozenClan, but sometimes gets annoyed and flustered. Lives Left: 4. (She-Cat)


Medicine Cat:
Shadeshine: Gray tabby she-cat. Shadeshine is energetic, outgoing, a plain idiot, and fairly stubborn. She's full of herself, bragging about every accomplishment and constantly thinking of herself as better than the other she-cats. (She-Cat)
Gingerwing: Ginger she-cat. Gingerwing is a stubborn she-cat with a mind of her own. She likes to do things her way but respects those above her and their orders. She gets angry easily and sometimes can be hard to calm down. She can be a pain in the tail when she gets irritated or wants to change the way something happens. She is definitely not the kind to back down from a challenge either. Parents are Molewhisker and Silverwing, Littermate to Lionleg, Willowblaze, Shadowtiger, and Starpoppy. Mentor is Shadeshine. (She-Cat)


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