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Warriors of FrozenClan

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Senior Warriors:
Eaglepelt: Light brown tom. I can be the protective father type, the playful kit type, the lazy elder type, the loving mate type; you name it! I am also the kind of tom that could go on for days; about one thing; or moons if it's about a she-cat I like. Mate to Garnetfur. (Tom)
Dusktail: Dark brown tabby tom. Soft-hearted and kind. He is the kind of cat who is always there to help someone in need. He has a short temper, that can be set off easily, but rarely. He has a soft spot for kits, especially small ones. He likes showing his love for things. He's fun, and a great buddy to play with. Mate to Duskpelt. (Tom)
Hawksplash: Light brown tabby tom. Formal, kind to loved ones, likes to be organized. Cares for his clan. Hates to see others hurt. Follows the warrior code strictly. Mate to Stormholly. (Tom)
Silverwing: White she-cat. Silverwing is an intelligent she-cat, always quick to make herself heard, and with the heartily disliked habit of sticking her nose where it's not wanted. She practically worships the warrior code, and will do most anything to uphold it. She also has a sharp tongue, and usually has a witty comeback. (She-Cat)
Sunsetfur: Yellow and golden tom. Sunsetfur is calm at all times, except when he is mad, which doesn't occur often. He can't really focus on one thing for a long time, and his concentration glides to another interesting thing, like a sort of new plant that has a strange smell. Parent is Duskpelt, Littermate to Flameheart, Echoclaw, Stormholly, and Firefeather. Mate to Lionleg. (Tom)

Flameheart: Golden spotted tom. Flameheart is a kind, heart-warming tom. Parent is Duskpelt, Littermate to Sunsetfur, Echoclaw, Stormholly, and Firefeather. Mate to Cragheart. (Tom)
Saplingtail: Dark gray she-cat. There are two distinct sides to Saplingtail's personality, nice, and not so nice. Nice Saplingtail is a little aloof perhaps, always daydreaming and never focused. She is bright, full of optimism and appreciation for nature. She talks easily enough, but often her conversation is disjointed and has nothing at all to do with whatever subject might have been being discussed two minutes ago. Mate to Sandfoot. (She-Cat)
Firefeather: Dark ginger tom. Firefeather is a calm and collective tom, he is very fatherly, and treats everyone like his kit, even the elders. Parent is Duskpelt, Littermate to Sunsetfur, Flameheart, Echoclaw, and Stormholly. Mate to Whisperingflower. (Tom)
Willowblaze: Fawn tabby tom. Willowblaze was always a prodigy, a very intelligent cat. Parents are Molestar and Silverwing, Littermate to Lionleg, Shadowtiger, Starpoppy, and Gingerpaw. (Tom)
Shadowtiger: Black tom. Shadowtiger is quite different. Parents are Molestar and Silverwing, Littermate to Lionleg, Willowblaze, Starpoppy, and Gingerpaw. (Tom)
Tigerwing: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat. Tigerwing is genuinely lighthearted and kind to others. She is not-so social but is fully capable of holding a conversation, and can delve deep into a talk if she feels like it. Although she is lighthearted, she can be sarcastic and hasty at times, not always at the best times. She is responsible and caring, but a bit over the top. She can worry too much and always wants things planned out. If she feels strongly of something, she won't be afraid to speak her mind, although with her lighthearted streak she'll most likely feel bad about it later. Mate to Stormnose. (She-Cat)
Duskfur: Gray and white she-cat. She loves to be there for her clanmates. She's kind in the clan and fierce out on the battlefield. She's the kind of cat who is light and bubbly, until you piss her off. It only takes the slightest thing to do so, but she tends to hide it very well. She gets jealous easy. She's very soft-hearted. Mate to Owlwhisker. (She-Cat)
Sleepflower: Long-haired brown tabby tom. Don't just think of him as a feline without any actual feelings at all. There is definitely more to him than what meets the eye - though it isn't all that good. Sleepflower is obsessive and determined, and will not stop until he gets what he wants. Whether it's someone's head or the love of someone else, he must get his way. Parents are Sandfoot and Saplingtail, Littermate to Cragheart, Whisperingflower, Nightfern, and Smokeblaze. (Tom)
Smokeblaze: Long-haired light gray tom. If there needs to be a bad boy example, Smokeblaze is him. Parents are Sandfoot and Saplingtail, Littermate to Cragheart, Whisperingflower, Sleepflower, and Nightfern. (Tom)
Rockwater: Black tom. Rockwater is a spontaneous, happy-go-lucky soul with a heart of gold. He wants to meet as many friends as possible, but he'll keep a select few close to him. He's nice to even the most bitter of enemies, but this leaves him sensitive to bad remarks. Parents are Stormnose and Tigerwing, Littermate to Lichenpelt and Eggbird. (Tom)
Lichenpelt: Gray mottled tom. Organized, easy to make conversation with. Parents are Stormnose and Tigerwing, Littermate to Rockwater and Eggbird. (Tom)
Eggbird: Cream she-cat. Protective of herself and those she holds dear, clean-freak, has high expectations of those around her, blunt, stubborn, one must earn her respect before she dares even listening to them, doesn't sleep too often. Parents are Stormnose and Tigerwing, Littermate to Rockwater and Lichenpelt. (She-Cat)
Mossysplash: Brown and white tom. Mossysplash is  friendly to most...unless you give him reason not to be. One particular reason would be him overhearing anybody talking smack about his friends; he'll be quick to defend them due to his own loyalty to them. Parents are Owlwhisker and Duskfur, Littermate to Crowfeather. (Tom)
Thrushface: Light gray she-cat. Loyal, altruistic, reliable, fair.
Parents are Eaglepelt and Garnetfur, Littermate to Valleyface and Sweetbeetle. (She-Cat)
Valleyface: Golden spotted tom. Determined and humble. Parents are Eaglepelt and Garnetfur, Littermate to Thrushface and Sweetbeetle. (Tom)
Duskpelt: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Duskpelt on the outside is very pretty, but a pretty face is no match for an ugly heart. Duskpelt is actually very mean, rude, and has a short temper. Although she is very kind to her Clan, she can and will have a rotten mouth. Mate to Dusktail. (She-Cat)
Echoclaw: Brown and white she-cat. Echoclaw is sweet and quiet. Parent is Duskpelt, Littermate to Sunsetfur, Flameheart, Stormholly, and Firefeather. (She-Cat)
Sweetbeetle: White and orange tabby tom. Snippy (when angry), prone to overanalyzing and overworking himself, at times insecure. Parents are Eaglepelt and Garnetfur, Littermate to Thrushface and Valleyface. (Tom)
Stormholly: Long-haired gray and white she-cat. A cat you probably wouldn't want to meet in battle, Stormholly is cruel. She will stop at nothing she wants done. Stormholly can be easily angered but she knows how to keep her cool on this outside even if she is boiling with anger on the inside. This cat won't resist when it comes to teaching her enemies a lesson. She is a good teacher when it comes to getting the message across for her enemies never to mess with her again. There is one good thing about Stormholly, she is utterly and undoubtedly loyal. One other thing you should know, but could probably guess; Stormholly is in no way whatsoever shy. She is confident in what she has to say, and she isn't afraid to say it. Parent is Duskpelt, Littermate to Sunsetfur, Flameheart, Echoclaw, and Firefeather. Mate to Hawksplash. (She-Cat)
Dewcloud: Gray she-cat. She is a ruthless fighter. (She-Cat)
Cedarpool: Dark gray she-cat. She likes going out swimming a lot, since it is one of her favorite things in the world. Her pranks are friendly and never does anything dangerous that could hurt one of her clanmates, well... besides maybe hurting their feelings on accident. The cat eats, a lot, and tends to get yelled at for eating way to much. Cedarpool aims high, wanting to make her clan one of the best. Parents are Dusktail and Duskpelt. (She-Cat)


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