Apprentices of FrozenClan

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Apprentices of FrozenClan

Post  Blazestar on 4/27/2016, 8:52 pm

Sweetpaw: White and orange tabby tom. Snippy (when angry), prone to overanalyzing and overworking herself, at times insecure. Parents are Eaglepelt and Garnetfur, Littermate to Thrushface and Valleyface. Mentor is Cragheart. (Tom)
Dewpaw: Gray she-cat. She is a ruthless fighter. Mentor is Stormnose. (She-Cat)
Cedarpaw: Dark gray she-cat. She likes going out swimming a lot, since it is one of her favorite things in the world. Her pranks are friendly and never does anything dangerous that could hurt one of her clanmates, well... besides maybe hurting their feelings on accident. The cat eats, a lot, and tends to get yelled at for eating way to much. Cedarpaw aims high, wanting to make her clan one of the best. Parents are Dusktail and Duskpelt. Mentor is Hawksplash. (She-Cat)
Windpaw: Brown she-cat. Most cats think she's a jerk, but honestly she just doesn't get along with most cats. She's waiting for a cat that she can connect with, but no one knows this of course. She always tries to come off as intimidating, and truthfully, it always works. Parents are Silverscar of SpiderClan and Echoclaw, Littermate to Mothpaw and Hollypaw. Mentor is Duskpelt. (She-Cat)
Mothpaw: White tom. Mothpaw is easily described as mystifying, or maybe even captivating. Parents are Silverscar of SpiderClan and Echoclaw, Littermate to Windpaw and Hollypaw. Mentor is Firefeather. (Tom)
Hollypaw: Brown and white she-cat. Any friends that Hollypaw has made would tell you that she is a super fun cat. she loves making other people happy and is generally really charismatic and playful. She's the kind of cat that has it all, a complete package. Parents are Silverscar of SpiderClan and Echoclaw, Littermate to Windpaw and Mothpaw. Mentor is Sleepflower. (She-Cat)


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