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Warriors of TigerClan

Post  Featherstar on 4/26/2016, 9:31 pm

Senior Warriors:
Violetblaze: Reddish tabby tom. Violetblaze is friendly, and will make friends easily when it comes it to Gatherings. Not so much in his own Clan. There he is often by himself. He is a deep thinker, and sometimes, what comes out of his mouth surprises even him. Empathetic, he can be seen quietly talking talking to cats about what's going on, and how he thinks they could deal with it. His quiet ways are misunderstood by some, but to those of his Clanmates he's talked to he is a brilliant example of a friend, and in their eyes, is a caring, dutiful, understanding cat. Parents are Owlear and Morningfoot, Littermate to Ashwing, Coppernewt, Fangsong, and Emberclaw. Mate to Scarletcloud. (Tom)
Ashwing: Smoky gray tom. Ashwing's looks are very deceiving, because his personality is a whole different story. He isn't what he looks to be, he's actually very cold and hostile. He's rather protective of those he's grown close to and will die and sacrifice himself for his clanmates lives. Parents are Owlear and Morningfoot, Littermate to Violetblaze, Coppernewt, Fangsong, and Emberclaw. Mate to Dreamfeather. (Tom)
Fangsong: Black and white tom. This cat can only be described by having a...big personality. He is very loud and bossy, not to mention aggressive when the time calls for it. Parents are Owlear and Morningfoot, Littermate to Violetblaze, Ashwing, Coppernewt, and Emberclaw. Mate to Reedonion. (Tom)
Scarletcloud: Pale gray she-cat with darker flecks. What do I like? Well, I love taking walks on sunny days - they’re just so relaxing! I love hunting too, not only does it help feed my clan, but it’s fun when you’re in a group with friends. Who doesn’t love a friendly competition? Also, I absolutely love to climb trees. The height is exhilarating, and the climb itself is a little bit of a work-out. Mate to Violetblaze. (She-Cat)
Fishfoot: Dark silver tom. Fishfoot is quiet and likes to keep to himself, he surrounds himself with a cloak of mystery. Parents are Featherfang and Echopelt, Littermate to Swiftleaf. Mate to Emberclaw. (Tom)

Honeyclaw: Cinnamon tortoiseshell tom. Honeyclaw is a generally easy-going cat. Parents are Violetblaze and Scarletcloud, Littermate to Almondpaw, Silentkestrel, and Stormstep. Mate to Runningelk. (Tom)
Silentkestrel: Blue tortoiseshell tom. Silentkestrel is harsh and serious tom who likes to take charge and make sure every cat is on task. He's a control-freak as cats would say. He's a perfectionist, meaning he needs everything to be perfect. Parents are Violetblaze and Scarletcloud, Littermate to Honeyclaw, Almondpaw, and Stormstep. Mate to Brightleaf. (Tom)
Dreamfeather: Gray tabby she-cat.  Dreamfeather is a smart cat, but she gets a little confused about some things. Parents are Morningstar and Bronzetooth, Littermate to Featherfang and Reedonion. Mate to Ashwing. (She-Cat)
Stormstep: Silver-spotted tom. Stormstep is a quiet being, he hides everything, or as much as he can from peering eyes. He is seen as a drawn-in and cut-off being. He rarely ever speaks unless spoken to but in truth, it's just a cover-up to the true beast. Stormstep can be a real beast. Parents are Violetblaze and Scarletcloud, Littermate to Honeyclaw, Almondpaw, and Silentkestrel. Mate to Seaheart. (Tom)
Webpelt: Gray tabby tom. Webpelt likes to keep to himself. He is very subtle and doesn't appreciate a lot of attention. Parents are Ashwing and Dreamfeather, Littermate to Brightleaf and Seaheart. Mate to Sloeshrew. (Tom)
Reedonion: Brown tabby she-cat. This she-cat is always paving her road by herself. She doesn't allow anyone to baby her. Parents are Morningstar and Bronzestar, Littermate to Featherstar and Dreamfeather. Mate to Fangsong. (She-Cat)
Eaglesnow: Brown tom. Quiet. He doesn't like to draw attention to himself, but do not mistake this trait for shyness. He is real with his opinions and views, and doesn't take any bullshit. He's very homey and is comfortable with kicking it with his friends. If you saw him in the camp he would most likely be the one always casually socializing with clanmates that came and went. Eaglesnow doesn't mind any opinions others have about him, and tries to treat everyone with simple kindness. (Tom)
Coppernewt: Red-brown she-cat. Coppernewt is a very calm cat, but some cats call her a heart breaker because she's broken a few hearts. Parents are Owlear and Morningfoot, Littermate to Violetblaze, Ashwing, Fangsong, and Emberclaw. Mate to Goosetail. (She-Cat)
Emberclaw: Brown tabby she-cat. Emberclaw tends to be more solitary than social. She likes to keep to the shadows and try and stay unnoticed. However, it usually doesn't work. Parents are Owlear and Morningfoot, Littermate to Violetblaze, Ashwing, Coppernewt, and Fangsong. Mate to Fishfoot. (She-Cat)
Molepelt: Black tom. Molepelt is a bit of a cold cat. He can be quite unresponsive when he hears things that he doesn't want to hear and ignore it until it changes. Parents are Fangsong and Reedonion, Littermate to Sloeshrew. (Tom)
Runningelk: Light gray tabby she-cat. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. Mate to Honeyclaw. (She-Cat)
Sootpelt: Light gray she-cat. Stubborn, naive, friendly, and protective. Parents are Goosetail and Coppernewt. (She-Cat)
Ivycloud: Dark silver tom. Anxious, fear of a lot. Parents are Fishfoot and Emberclaw, Littermate to Foxscar. (Tom)
Foxscar: Bright ginger tom. Strong leader. Parents are Fishfoot and Emberclaw, Littermate to Ivycloud. (Tom)
Dustfeather: Dark brown tabby she-cat. While her personality will develop as she gets older, Dustfeather will begin as a soft-spoken, gentle little she-cat. Parents are Honeyclaw and Runningelk, Littermate to Whitepaw, Berrypaw, Hazelpaw, and Poppypaw. (She-Cat)


StarClan: Blazekit
StarPride: Littlestar
TigerClan: Featherstar


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