Apprentices of BearPride

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Apprentices of BearPride

Post  Bearstar on 4/22/2016, 3:33 pm

Bloodpaw: Brown spotted male bobcat. Put quite honestly, Bloodpaw is a stone-cold bobcat with a very dirty mouth and sadist tendencies. He likes the rain and is terrified of fire. Bloodpaw is very aggressive and unforgiving when it comes to it. Mentor is Hazelstorm. (Male)
Tawnypaw: Brown spotted female bobcat. Adventurous, cheerful, childish, curious, empathetic, forgetful, forgiving, hasty, idealistic, impulsive, obedient, talkative, unambitious. Mentor is Basilstripe. (Female)
Robinpaw: Brown spotted male bobcat. Blunt, careful, dependable, dishonest, formal, gullible, lonely, organized, pretentious, self-conscious, self-serving, superstitious, vengeful. Mentor is Diamondtail. (Male)
Foxpaw: Brown spotted male bobcat. Protective, good sense of humor, very friendly, outgoing. Mentor is Wiltingwind. (Male)


StarClan: Bearstripe
BearPride: Bearstar


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