Apprentices of BearPride

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Apprentices of BearPride

Post  Bearstar on 4/22/2016, 3:33 pm

Tawnypaw: Brown spotted female bobcat. Adventurous, cheerful, childish, curious, empathetic, forgetful, forgiving, hasty, idealistic, impulsive, obedient, talkative, unambitious. Mentor is Basilstripe. (Female)
Robinpaw: Brown spotted male bobcat. Blunt, careful, dependable, dishonest, formal, gullible, lonely, organized, pretentious, self-conscious, self-serving, superstitious, vengeful. Mentor is Diamondtail. (Male)
Foxpaw: Brown spotted male bobcat. Protective, good sense of humor, very friendly, outgoing. Mentor is Wiltingwind. (Male)


StarClan: Bearstripe
BearPride: Bearstar


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