Leaders of ScorchPride

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Leaders of ScorchPride

Post  Quailstar on 4/9/2016, 9:54 pm

Quailstar: Golden male ocelot. Quailstar is known for his socialness and good humor. He's very popular among the pride. Lives Left: 1. (Male)

Brindletail: Golden male ocelot. He is short tempered and snappy, he does not care for others but when his pride is in need he will not abandon them. (Male)

Medicine Ocelot(s):
Fallnose: Golden male ocelot. Fallnose is an adorably inquisitive ocelot who is always sticking his nose in things it sometimes would be better not to. Other ocelot's feelings, for one. Subtly prying ocelots open to see what’s wrong, what they need help with is one of his lesser strengths, one that is less-acknowledged. (Male)

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