Leaders of RavenClan

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Leaders of RavenClan

Post  Minnowstar on 3/19/2016, 9:48 pm

Minnowstar: Jet black tom with green eyes. Minnowstar is a shadow. No, not his appearance, well, yes that, too, but his personality, his presence. Mate to Foxstorm. Lives Left: 3. (Tom)

Rabbitsong: Cream colored tom. This might not seem particularly serious, but Rabbitsong does have some real issues. For one, he's clinically bipolar--he has a chemical imbalance in the brain that leaves him either maniacally jubilant twenty four seven, or terrifically depressed. There's hardly any middle ground on the emotional roller-coaster that is Rabbitsong's daily life. Mate to Birdstep. (Tom)

Medicine Cat(s):
Cottonstorm: Chocolate tabby she-cat. Energetic and playful, but with good leadership qualities. Cottonstorm is smaller and more wiry than most of her clanmates.  She loves to hunt for her Clan.  Parents are Ashfire and Ravenstripe, Littermate to Minkpaw, Rubypaw, and Coralfeather. (She-Cat)
Fuzzypaw: Black tom. Usually serious, and very loyal to the clan, but he can take a joke. Adores kits and young cats. Parents are Smallfur and Dustcloud, Littermate to Pinepaw, Thrushpaw, and Larkkit. Mentor is Cottonstorm. (Tom)


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